The Wild World, Game Review By Ciara Black


Animal Crossing: Wild World is the second game in the Animal Crossing series, created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Hisashi Nogami, Takashi Tezuka, and Katsuya Eguchi. Wild World was released in North America on December 5, 2005 and it is designed for the Nintendo DS and can be played single player or multiplayer. In Animal Crossing your character lives in a town with many neighbors, stores, and tasks to accomplish. There are no levels in this game, but you can upgrade your house up to seven times by paying of the mortgage each time. You can also sell pretty much anything like fish, insects, furniture, fruit, and clothing to get money. You also have to be nice to your neighbors or they will move away. It is like a real life town, you interact with other characters, make money, and keep your town and house clean.

The character that is played by the player is a human and you are living among animals. There are cats to horses to elephants all sorts of animals. They do talk but it is manly little squeaks that you hear, but your character can not talk, you interact by emotions. You can earn emotions by meeting a certain animal that comes to your town.

ww1234Many tasks and information would be a lot easier for people who played the first Animal Crossing game for the GameCube. The two games are pretty much alike except Wild World has more stores and more adventures to go on. Like you can change your hairstyle when you upgrade the grocery store, and get more furniture to unlock. To unlock more items is just by finding them. There could be furniture in trees, under rocks, or even in holes in the ground. There is not really a point to the game, it cannot be won. It just makes you think of how you can get money, how you can get items, and how you can upgrade the stores in your town. It is a very time-consuming game and you really do have to pay attention to details, otherwise you will miss a chance to get a nice new sofa for your living room.

Animal Crossing also can be a multiplayer game. To do that you have to be within 10 feet of someone else who has theww12345 game and a DS to connect them. You go through the guard gates of the towns and you can choose up to three people to come in your town at once. It is really fun to play hide and seek. Also if you are in someone else’s town, steal some of their fruit and go back to your town and sell it, you will get paid triple the original amount. You can find many cheats for the game to get money and more items. It is definitely a fun game to play and you can play it forever.


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