Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here”, Album Review by Alexander Vaughn


Pink Floyd’s 1975 album, “Wish You Were Here” has a genre of Classic, progressive and psychedelic rock. All of Pink Floyd’s albums have similarities and differences. With Floyd, you know you will get your classic guitar solos with David Gilmour shredding, and the spread out time lapses of the band just jamming.

There are only five songs on this album. There is not a bad song on the album, which is hard to come by now days. In my opinion “Wish You Were Here” is by far the most popular on the album but “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” or “Welcome To The Machine” are my personal favorites.

I would recommend this album to anyone who loves good classic rock. People are so picky when it comes to music, and aren’t interested in give something they might not possibly like a chance.

Latest News : For years now, fans all over the world have wanted a Floyd reunion. Drummer Nick Mason is all for the idea. Bassist Roger Waters is skeptical of the idea but interested to say the least. Guitarist David Gilmour isn’t interested at all. There is bad blood between Waters and Gilmour that has yet to fade over the years ant probably will not fade. Waters just got done with his 3 year “The Wall Live” world tour not long ago. So there is not much recent news regarding the best band ever: Pink Floyd.

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