Tycho “Awake”, Album Review by Alexander Kuhne


Tycho is the name of Scott Hansen’s ambient electronic music project. He is also well-known in the graphic design world under the name ISO50. “Awake” is his fourth album to date, and is marked with several changes to his sound since his previous works. Most notably, he replaced the drum machine with a live drum kit, and added more guitar work in the mix. This was the logical move in the progression of his sound and has worked to make “Awake” his most accessible album.

“Awake,” the title song on the album, was released in late 2013 to increase hype for what loyal fans Tycho has gathered over the years. The song starts with rapidly plucked guitar and bass, only to be complimented by a slower, more melodic guitar layered on top. Throughout the song, Tycho adds synth lines, but not to take away from the driving guitars, he does it to compliment them with ambience. On top of this mixture of instrumentation, he delivers some spectacularly executed drum beats that slightly resemble modern dance beats. This makes for music that is not only danceable, but full of inspiration and wonder as well. I recommend using headphones to get the full package with this album. Tycho is a master producer, and adds elements that make his music an intensely cerebral experience when wearing headphones.

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