Natalie Gard- Example of COMM1030

This project was my favorite project of the whole semester. Editing someone’s head off their body and adding someone else’s head was not as easy that I thought it would be. I can use this skill later on in a career with adding an new element to a website or social media.





This photo is an example of the beginning of the class in photoshop. We had to experiment with color and hue on this photo and several others.


Gard Minor Adjutment final



Gard Minor Adjustments gray



The double-exposure project was one of the hardest to complete. We took several pictures, uploaded them, and started editing. Putting together two pictures and making them transparent was a lot harder then I exspected. Choosing color was the easiest part. This skill can help me later on with editing photos for a website. My mentor at my current internship has used photoshop to edit photos color.





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