The “Melancholy” of Troy Nelson 1030

This is where the “suffering” began. We were learning about the Bauhaus style of art and architecture, and our assignment was to create a Bauhaus style poster. The Bauhaus Movement stressed simplicity and lines. The poster itself was no problem to create, however the project that it advertises, “Minor Role,” did not exactly turn out how I had planned.
Bauhaus-Poster-Troy-nelson-jpg- “Minor Role” was initially a 6 minute documentary project that I had been working on for a few months. However, as it neared completion (around the time I made this Bauhaus poster) some of the files got completely corrupted, thus crippling the project. I salvaged what I could and created an abbreviated version that is not as epic as the original. Oh well, at least I didn’t give up.



The “melancholy” continued as we moved away from Illustrator and into Photoshop. This assignment was designed to teach us how to use some of the touch up features of Photoshop. I learned that it takes more than the constant spamming of the clone stamp tool to fix images. As seen below, I was able to successfully able to remove the lollipop in the bottom photo, however it looks a little awkward (in my opinion anyway). It’s easy to cover things up and remove them, but a quintessential element is being sure that the look realistic and believable after your edits.



troygift troygift shopped



The class was epic, to say the least! It served as an excellent introduction to Adobe Suite, and I feel that with a little more practice I will be proficient soon enough.

Also, I would like to take some time and point out that the title of this post, as well as the the ideas of  “suffering” and “melancholy” are simply inside jokes that take reference from a Japanese Anime series. I realize, now, that anyone reading this who does not know about Harui Suziyama would believe that 1030 was totally lame. XD sorry about that.

Haha, the class was extremely helpful!


Sayonara minna!





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