Coin Drop, Video Game Review by Sharika Peterson

Coin-Drop-SliderAt its core, this is one of those arcade games where you stick in a quarter, and the quarter falls, hitting pegs along the way. You try to get it in a specific hole at the bottom. With cutesy graphics and nearly too-much-to-bare girly sound effects, this game’s is just too cute!

The whole objective of the game is to bounce your way through 75 levels, rescue the girl coins, demolish obstacles and solve puzzles as every touch of your screen sends coins raining down on bad coins.

Coin Drop features include cool moves like drop, spin, smash, bounce and demolish. You can shake your device for an even cooler experience of demolition. Puzzles, Portals, Lasers, Magnets, Stars, Pins and a catchy audio soundtrack.

This is a free universal app that you can play on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


Overall the game is beautifully designed with awesome graphics and cool obstacles. You are in total control and it’s left up to you to save the day. Coin drop is definitely a game that can be played by anyone and in every age group. There are a couple of drawbacks to the game, which one would be that the game is just too easy and there is not a real mental challenge or “point” to the game. It’s just fun! Another drawback of the game is the fact like with every great app there comes the point where it is no longer free. Yep, that’s right once you think you have accomplished the goal and you can unlock the next level; no, not without paying. Other than that Coin Drop is a keeper!


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