Halo, Video Game Review by Kaitlyn Martin

The game series Halo which was created by Bungie and is now owned by Microsoft has accumulated millions of fans and revenue worldwide. The first game of the series that marked the epic journey of a military-based group of soldiers, known as Spartans, against the relentless and unpredictable aliens, the Covenant, was released in late 2001. The four main chapters of the trilogy are Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3. This first game set the benchmark for Bungie to continue the epic journey of their main character Master Chief throughout four main parts to the series, as well as several spin-off games, books, comics, and a film.

Bungie and Microsoft deemed the series rated M, for Mature, which many find controversial as it seems to be a game directed towards teenagers. Though many believe the rating should be downgraded, the game does utilize a number of graphic and violent scenes, along with blood, gore, and occasional obscene language within the story content. Some may also argue the game receives such a high rating due to the access to online game play through Xbox Live, Microsoft’s world-wide interactive game play, which is midly moderated when it comes to the language that can be thrown around.



The game play within the campaign, or story, mode gives the traditional options of how difficult they would like the game play to be. Halo also incorporated numerous cheat codes and unlockables known as “skulls” which could give the player fun and interactive boosts to their character, such as “one shot one kill” or even “birthday party” which enabled a feature where confetti and cheering would ensue if the player obtained a headshot upon a grunt ( a member of the Convenant). Though the creators at Bungie and Micosoft attempted to add more interactive game play to the campaign mode, individuals still flock to the online option on Xbox Live as it gives the player the ability to battle their Spartan against other Spartans worldwide. Within the online ability of Halo, an individual can customize their Spartan’s physical features and build their stats up which enables them to rank higher. The ranks within the online game play are based on military standards.

The overall growth of the game play and content of the Halo series throughout the years is remarkable, none the less. From the not so smooth and realistic graphics of Combat Evolved to the detailed and virtually flawless gameplay of Halo 3, Bungie and Microsoft created one the most acclaimed first person shooters for the Xbox. As individuals still choose this series to be of the their leisurely activities online, it continues to prove itself as one of the best first person shooter campaign stories and if speculation is true, we may even see a continuation of the series which will add another three chapters to the series and create an epic seven part journey of one chosen Spartan fighting against all odd to conquer the Convenant.


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