Pokemon, Video Game Review by Jordan Etchison


The video game Pokemon (Red, Blue and Yellow) is one of the most impactful video games in history. Owned by game giant Nintendo, and created by Satoshi Tajari. Pokemon has a target audience towards young children, but it has also touched older people via nostalgia. The game allows a player to take part in an epic journey throughout a region (Kanto) in hopes of collecting gym badges, raising Pokemon to be as strong as can be, and catching the original 150 Pokemon. This game is top-notch fun, and throughout the years has improved graphically and gameplay wise.

The control and creativity of the game is very important. One can create their own character, and they can choose which Pokemon they want to catch. One can manage their supplies with money made by beating other trainers and the game has its own way of teaching survival skills. From its arrival to the year 2014, the series has remained popular by consistently bringing something new to the table, whether it is a new Pokemon, a new way to train or a gym leader. Everything in the game is essential.Pokemon-Red-431x300 pokemon-red-oaks-lab

Depending on someone’s brain skills, Pokemon may have a learning curve. One can’t expect to just easily breeze through it the first time. There are ways to beat the game obviously, but depending on who someone is, it could be an easier or hard way.

Pokemon is a perfect example of a game that is consistent. Of course pesky things (extra trainers, weak Wild Pokemon, runaway legendaries) could be left out. But most of the things that Pokemon is about are essential to the main goal of the game, which is beating every Gym leader and advancing to the Final Elite Four, catching as many Pokemon as you can along the way (the true challenge). There are Pokemon that are unattainable unless you play with a friend, and that’s just another part of the challenge.


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