Regent, Tom Griscom, visits COMM 1010 Survey Mass Comm class

Tom Griscom speaking to studentsOn Monday, September 8, Tom Griscom, former editor of the Times Free Press and current regent for the Tennessee Board of Regents, visited with students in Chris Willis’ COMM 1010 Survey Mass Comm. Mr. Griscom shared his insights on storytelling, the transition to digital and social media, and the value added to a community by a local newspaper.

Mr. Griscom challenged students to think of creating new forms of communication from scratch, in the digital age, and what would be the key ingredients. “I’d still have a newspaper….it should invest in rich content,” said Griscom. He went on to emphasize increased market penetration via social media and using more video in place of photos.

These ideas further illustrate the need for digital media communicators with modern storytelling skills for the new media marketplace.


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