Gone Girl, movie review by Kaytlin Mitchell

Gone Girl” is a drama directed by David Fincher. The key actors in the cast of this film are Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Tyler Perry, and Neil Patrick Harris. This choice in casting ensures that this movie will and has brought forth a striking amount of viewers.

The story begins with Nick Dunne (Affleck) paying a visit to the bar that he co owns with his sister, Margot. He then receives a call from an elderly man that lives across the street from him saying that Dunne’s cat was out. It was when he arrived home that he found his wife was missing. It is later discovered that Mr. Dunne was cheating on his wife with one of his former students from the college he teaches at. However, that is not the only surprise. We later find that Amy (Dunne’s wife) has in fact made herself disappear in hopes of framing her husband for her murder because of the terrible things he did in their marriage. When Dunne realizes what his wife has done, he and his sister begin making a plan for him to defend himself in the Mississippi justice system. The first step in their plan is for Mr. Dunne to hire the top defense lawyer in this field, Tanner Bolt (Tyler Perry). Mrs. Dunne’s plan however, is not going as well as expected. She loses her money and is forced to call upon the assistance of her former boyfriend, Desi Collings (Neil Patrick Harris). Mrs. Dunne finally realizes that her plan was never going to work anyway, and decides to come back to Mr. Dunne. Then it takes an unexpected twist and blows your mind!

The director, David Fincher, uses dramatic suspense to keep the audience on their toes throughout the entire film, which is one of the main reasons I enjoyed it. The camera angles are incredible and make you feel a closeness to the character and feel the same feeling of doubt, regret, and fear that they are feeling. It is almost as if you are a part of the movie yourself.

The music chosen for this movie brings the drama one step higher. For it allows the audience to know when something is going to happen without revealing what does happen. The music chosen to play in a movie has always been a major part in controlling how the audience feels and gives the viewers a bigger connection to the story.

This film takes many twists and turns which keeps the viewer guessing. In terms of quality, this film is top notch. It keeps your eyes glued to the screen. If you are going into this film, forget all about what you think you know about this movie. It is mind-boggling and I highly doubt anyone will leave the theater dissatisfied.


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