A Dark Night Revisited, by Christopher Wilson

Since Philip Wesley’s debut into the New Age genre in 2002, he has become the man to beat in both listener loyalty and sales. In the charts, he shares company with names such as the internet’s newest instrumental sensation The Piano Guys, but also more traditional names like Jim Brickman. His best known album, Dark Night of the Soul,features eleven songs. It is one of Wesley’s most expressive and original albums to date. Some critics have even hailed the album as one of the 50 greatest works in its genre. Listeners seem to agree, as Philip Wesley has reached the number one slot on the iTunes music store and continues to be a common sight to listeners of online radios like Pandora or Spotify.

Many of the compositions, as the name suggest, share a peaceful melancholy sound overlaid with dark and turbulent overtones. As Mr. Wesley stated on his personal website, “‘Dark Night of the Soul’ is a music allegory for a journey through deep depression, debilitating anxiety, angst, and healing.” The album presents itself as a healing wave of darkness. Its compositions are diverse. Songs, such as Tears of the East, have a light, reflective feel that combines eastern themes with western style. More energetic pieces, such as Racing Against the Sunset seem to contain agiddy happiness mixed with unavoidable regret. What really sets the album apart, however, is its ability to explore the darkest part of human emotions while still remaining hopeful in its delivery. Dark Night of the Soul is an obvious choice for anyone who is a regular listener of classical or modern piano, but it is still a valid option for anyone with an appreciation of music. Where some modern piano seems to be dull and repetitive, this artist seems to replacemonotony with relatable emotion.

Philip Wesley is currently on tour with fellow pianists Michele McLaughlin and Joseph Adkins. Like past concerts, these concerts create a calm, intimate affair and give Mr. Wesley time to connect and interact with all his guests. I have not seen one dissatisfied customer. Although he has already completed the local segment of his tour, you can find him, his new sequel album to Dark Night of the Soul, Transcend, and all of his sheet music at his website, Mr. Wesley also frequently participates in Whisperings live concerts, where online viewers can donate any amount to see a broadcasted concert from their new favorite artist.


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