Greatness, Album Review by Jadarius Thompson

Kanye West‘s album called the “Graduation” is not only one of my favorite albums but it’s electrifying. Kanye is known for a lot of things; like acting crazy, being a fashion icon, musically genius, visionary, producer–the list goes on. The album before this he actually did really well called “late Registration” but this album I am discussing today is the best hands down. Great punch lines, metaphors, excellent sounds on the track. This was only just the beginning of Mr. West journey of greatness and success.

“Graduation” was released in 2007 by Roc-A-Fella records and the highly anticipated album was just more than phenomenal and expanded not only his fan base but brought his creativity to a new level. Let’s face it Kanye is very crazy but he is a mad genius when it comes to music. I could not simply just pick one song from here because there are too many great ones like Can’t Tell me Nothing, Big Brother, Champion, I Wonder, and Stronger just to name a few. This is one of those albums where you can let the whole track play without even turning to the next song because you don’t like it. The melody and Harmony he used to magnify the greatness in the sound did so much justice. Honestly if he could let people download the instrumentals of each track it would be great because they give you a positive vibe and it’s very soothing. I can defiantly say that music calms the savage beast and if you need some relaxation listen to this magnificent album.

This is something that anyone can listen to and limited cursing is another reason why I find it great. He talks about his future, his dad, his mentor/ brother figure Jay Z, overcoming obstacles and, he touches a lot of areas that people scared to discuss or just look over and it’s very interesting. He motivated me with a couple of those songs and till this day I can listen to those tracks and just relate and grow from it. Just like he did on his musical journey. This album was first on the billboards charts and he changed the game of hip hop with this album. He should be arrested for not bringing us this music faster. This album is not only for hip hop this album could be listed as other genres as well very diverse and a master piece.


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