A movie Review of Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is an action, Sci-Fi adventure that continues to redefine how fans view Marvel and their range of storytelling. Though the movie featured a star cast such as Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, and Bradley Cooper, most of the film’s major talent were trapped behind animated characters:  This strange choice, along with the off-the-wall humor, is a why many viewers believed the movie was set failure. If anything, the plot seemed to be a modern rehash of Dumb and Dumber set in space.

The analogy is not too far off. In the film, accident prone outlaw, Peter Quill, sets his sights on stealing a powerful orb at the edge of space. While the criminal expects his mentor to stab him in the back (after all, he stabbed first); he does not expect fanatical, Ronan the Accuser, a bloodthirsty general, to complete his own genocide. To help fight Ronan and attempt to save the galaxy from his power, Quill creates a team of space misfits to save the most settled world in the galaxy. They just have to break out of prison first–and maybe– find themselves an army.

What made this film work with all its talking trees, cliché characters, and 70’s ballads, was its desire to be unique. Despite James Gunn giving the film his classic, satirical twist, the story would have been a joke if the scriptwriters had not been brave enough to allow the characters to flourish. Gunn decided to put an emotional connection as predominant before clever one-liners, and the result was a very satisfying picture. Any script that can have a scathing, gun- toting raccoon mock heroes, yet risk his life for an old enemy, creates an absurd, yet compelling story that gives many laughs and an occasional tear.

Another part of The Guardians that really shined was its apparent but natural use of CGI. The animation was textured, of the highest quality, and consistently responds to the world around it. Even with two of the film’s main characters being computer animated, the film crew had the insight to stay grounded in physical sets and shy away from a cheap budget. The other reason aspect that sold the animation was phenomenal voice work by the actors and their freedom to experiment. Many of the film’s best lines were improved in the moment and gave the animation crew a great variety of expressions to flesh out a character.

What makes Guardians of the Galaxy such a commodity is its easy going use of originality, wit, and warmth. While James Gunn’s film does not offer much in the way of cohesion and logic, it certainly endears the audience to its characters. Even more refreshing is the sense that every witty and unusual feature in the movie, including its soundtrack of 70’s pop songs, has an intrigue and important place in the movie’s plot. It is a film that embraces and pokes fun at old stereotypes while offering a whole new adventure that anyone with a sense of humor can enjoy. All things considered, Marvels latest gamble is a well-designed, chaotic, and lovable mess.

Film Review by Christopher Wilson

A trailer of the movie can be watched below


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