A Movie Review of The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game staring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley is a biographical drama released in 2014. The movie is set in London, England during the tragic World War II.

The Imitation Game is based on the life of mathematician Alan Turing and his quest of working for the British government trying to crack the German’s enigma machine to win the war. The film showcases Turing’s unique personality and his unstable relationships with his coworkers. During the film Turing also battles his, then illegal, sin of homosexuality. You are taken for an emotional ride as only a part of Turing’s life is revealed.

The actors in the film did an impeccable job of acting. Lead actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, is known for his ability to play social-ability-lacking-geniuses and lives up to his standard. He never breaks from his character the entire movie and seems as though he could be the actual Alan Turing. Keira Knightly also matches his level of excellency in her part as his only friend during the time period of the movie. Her emotions always seem real and are never forced.

The director and filming crew did an outstanding job in capturing the moment. The sets of each scene in the movie feel true to the time and events. There is not a moment in the movie that you feel as though something isn’t quite right with the placement of characters or set altogether. The film was all shot in the area in which it was based adding to the reality of the film.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the film and it makes it to my list of my favorite movies. The cast was great, the plot was fantastic, and the filming was wonderful. I would no doubt re-watch this movie and encourage others to watch this movie as well.

Film Review by Emily Thomas

A trailer of the movie can be watched below


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