Movie Review of “Interstellar”

The movie “Interstellar” is a science fiction movie that came out in 2014.  The story was written by Christopher Nolan and has a cast full of well known actors.  Matthew McConaughey plays the main protagonist Cooper.  Other prominent actors in the film are Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon, and Michael Caine.  “Interstellar” takes place in the near future in an Earth that is slowly dying.  There are constant dust storms and and crops are not growing.  Cooper, being a former astronaut knows that the only way to save humanity is to find a new home on a planet other than Earth.

“Interstellar” begins on Earth with cooper and his daughter,
son, and father in law.  They run one of the few surviving farms left in their area
After finding a coordinates due to a strange anomaly, Cooper and his daughter Murph find a hidden base that houses what remains of NASA.  After meeting with NASA, Cooper is recruited to go with a team to space to try to find a new home.  The remaining majority of the movie takes place in space following the dangerous and complicated journey of the astronauts.  Their first stop is on a planet that is covered completely in water.  On this planet, every hour that passes is equal to six years on earth and when a giant wave comes and kills one of the astronauts, Cooper and his crew mates lose time.  When they finally return to their ship, 12 years has passed.  After determining how much fuel and time they have, the crew decides that they must go through a black hole in order to get to a planet that they believe will be suitable.  The black hole nearly tears their ship apart but they make it through and get to their next destination.  On this planet, an astronaut that was sent to space many years ago is still alive.  The crew joins up with him to determine whether the planet is suitable for human life or not.

One of the main reasons that “Interstellar” is enjoyable is the writing by Christopher Nolan and his brother.  Instead of just making up a crazy story that made no sense, they worked closely with scientist Kip Thorne to attempt to make sure that all of the events in “Interstellar” could be scientifically accurate.  Doing so required much more work and shows how passionate Christopher Nolan is about creating his stories.

Another aspect of “Interstellar” that was organized well was the acting. The movie producers did a great job of casting the right actors for each role and every actor involved put forth a great effort towards making sure the movie was more natural. This movie specifically does not seem like a type of movie that Matthew McConaughey would typically be a part of, but he managed to push his boundaries to conform to the part he was playing. All of the actors involved had a good connection and chemistry and it showed through their characters throughout the movie.

“Interstellar” is a tremendous movie that I highly recommend.  Unlike “Star Wars” and other science fiction movies, this movie is not about fighting and war.  Instead, it focuses on humans exploring the farthest reaches of space.  “Interstellar” has opened up the door for similar movies such as “The Martian” to gain popularity and do well in the box office.  I believe that because of “Interstellar”, many more movies of this type are going to start being made.

A trailer of the movie can be viewed below


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