Movie Review of The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski is a Coen Brother’s film starring Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and Julianne Moore. The setting takes place in Los Angeles and a considerable amount of the character’s time is spent in a bowling alley. This film is considered a comedy as well as a drama.

The Big Lebowski is a film about a burnt out slacker, Jeff Lebowski, otherwise known as “The Dude” who gets mixed up with another Jeffrey Lebowski, who happens to be a millionaire, veteran, volunteer–you name it; he’s accomplished it. Some money grubbing gangsters are after the wealthy Lebowski for his money (ultimately because of his promiscuous wife, Bunny) but mistake the burnt out Lebowski for him. The Dude realizes he may have a chance at some money so he gets himself wrapped up in the plot of things. This film includes scenes that you would consider to be sticky situations; such as unintentionally bathing with ferrets, drawing a firearm in a bowling alley, accidentally releasing your best friend’s ashes in your other best friend’s face, the occasional urine soaked rug and bashing the wrong person’s Corvette with a baseball bat.

The actors really made this film. They fit each character with precision and seemed almost strangely comfortable in their roles. Jeff Bridges, for example, plays Jeffrey Lebowski. I think he played this character so well because he considers himself similar to “The Dude”. Bridges mentions in an interview that if he had not become a famous actor, then he would most likely have been very “dude-like”. John Goodman, on the other hand, who plays Walter Sobchak, is completely “undude”; a term coined in the film. He is very obviously a Vietnam veteran that suffers from post traumatic stress and makes this very clear as often as possible. Walter applies his military experience to every situation he ends up in. For example, he pulls out a gun in their local bowling alley because a fellow bowler’s foot steps over the line.

Many times, background music can make or break a film, and in this case, the Coen brother’s did everything right. It features Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Kenny Rogers and of course…The Eagles. There’s a scene in the film where Jeffrey Lebowski takes a ride in a cab and asks the cab driver to change the radio station because he “hates the f*cking Eagles, man!” Apparently, the driver is an Eagles fan because Lebowski is kicked to the curb.  That is just one example of how the music is closely related to the film itself.

This film had me laughing, crying, dancing and holding on with anticipation. The dialogue alone is genius and the cast was chosen with deep thought and consideration. I would recommend this film to literally anyone. Especially those who are into quirky comedies and enjoy a good laugh on behalf of a strange situation. The cast alone is reason enough to see this film.
Review by Tori Fyfe

A trailer of the movie can be watched below


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