The Room

The Room was a really good movie. The main purpose of the movie was to show how far a mother would go to protect her child. This movie had some twist and turns. The mother of the little boy took risks to make sure that he wouldn’t live in that room forever.

I really like the strength the mother had; she had been kidnapped and kept in this room for over six years. After giving birth to her son, she realized that she wanted to show her son the world and to let him know that there is more outside the four walls and door that they were kept in. She waited until her son was five before she told him what really happened and why they were trapped in this room. She made up a plan to try to escape, and it worked. By wrapping her son in a rug and faking his death, her son was able to escape the monster that was holding them captive.

I would recommend this movie to everyone because it gives insight on how strong a mother could be when her child is in danger and it also shows the mother making sacrifices so that her child could explore this big world and become something in this life. Her son really saved her life. Some students would find this movie to be entertaining and a thriller. I know that a lot of students aren’t parents, but just seeing this movie will show the love that a mother has for her child.

By: Angel Stone


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