Titanic is one of those movies that no matter how much I or anyone else can try and sit and explain or give our opinions, nothing, and I mean nothing, will be as good as just going and seeing this classic movie.

With that being said, I’m going to try my best to give the most accurate review on Titanic I can. This true romance movie starts out with two opposing lives. The two main characters are both boarding the ship nicknamed “the Ship of Dreams.” Even one of the men said “God himself couldn’t sink this ship.” We see a well-to-do woman, Rose, who is boarding the ship with her mom and fiancé. Then we see Jack, a not-too-put-together young man who just happened to win tickets to board the Titanic while gambling with his buddy.

Later on in this movie Jack sets his eyes on Rose and it is love at first sight. A random shipmate takes a dig at Jack saying getting to Rose is going to be way more than a challenge. Jack, being the determined guy he is, didn’t take that answer. He ends up saving

her from her own doom. They meet while she is standing over the front of the ship wanting to jump because of her woes. She feels like she can’t escape and that she’s trapped in this room she cant get out of.

Eventually during the movie Jack and Rose fall in love. Not long after they fall in love the ship to hit a iceberg, leaving them with only hours left together. The ship does go down and Jack does not make it.

Though this doesn’t end with the happiest of endings, for some reason this is okay. Titanic will forever be the exception to the rule. The movie gives us so much hope and life that we almost forget that Jack doesn’t make it—kind of.

By: Alexis Dube’


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