Pilot Talk 3 Review by Christian Phillips

Today I will be review a mix-tape entitled “Pilot Talk 3” by a rapper named Curren$y. While most rappers choose to “drop rhymes” about money, strippers, and drugs; Curren$y raps about the lavishes of life itself. As the third installment of Spitta’s plane themed series releases, Pilot Talk 3 finds the New Orleans native delivering a familiar set of luxury rap fairy tales in which he’s been know to do in the past few years.
The previous two albums of the series, both released in 2010, represented a breakthrough for Curren$y. After a deal with his previous record label in which Ca$h Money raised his profile but failed to make him a crossover star contrast to Lil Wayne. Curren$y established an underground fan-base that was deemed successful with Pilot Talk 1 and its sequel based on breezy beats and stoner charm. As B.J. Steiner from his review, ‘Curren$y Enjoys the Good Life Without the Existential Crisis on ‘Pilot Talk 3′ says, “Curren$y’s ambition is in his consistency, the notion that you can deliver a product that satisfies your core fans each time out.” Its a fail-proof system that he seems to have been running with for almost a decades.cplot
As with his two previous albums Pilot talk 3 has been graced by the beautiful melodies made by east coast producer ‘Ski Beatz’, who is best known for his work on Jay-z’s album “Reasonable Doubt”. Ski Beatz brings a plethora of detailed instrumentation with his jazzy rhythms, usage of horns as well flutes to structure the base of the songs.There are songs on the album like “Life 2 Die for”, “Get Down”, and “Search Party”, where the instrumentals are heavy while also managing not to drown out Curren$y’s sound in the production.
As a lyricist, Curren$y has never been particularly good at being versatile. His flows often trail off and sometimes end meaninglessly mid-bar. A select few critics might confuse his attachment to his own musical style as proof that he’s a limited and somewhat lazy artist; while some of these statements are partially true, they miss the point to his lyrics. He will never try to make a song like Drake or Future, he has his own underground niche, and that niche is known to hate mainstream music.

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