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Melanie Fiona by Jasmine Moore

Image With influences like Sam Cooke, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill Soul and R&B is no stranger to Canadian born soul singer Melanie Fiona. Dropping the follow up to her debut album The Bridge on March 20, the album entitled The MF Life is what many would called an real old school soul album. Working with producers like No I.D, Salaam Remi, Andrea Martin, Rico Love, Los Da Mystro and T-Pain, Melanie Fiona stayed true to herself and the outcome in my opinion is one of the top 5 R&B album in 3 years. A simple soul album with a touch of new featuring hip hop artist such as J Cole, B.O.B, Nas and T-pain,gave a fresh twist on the album but yet it stayed soulful throughout. Melanie Fiona is doing what most soul and R&B artist are failing to do. Instead of converting herself to pop shes staying true to real soul. The MF Life only selling 34,000 copies in its opening week seemed to impressed many soul fans like myself. So i would like to say Thank You to Melanie Fiona for keeping soul music alive.

Download The MF Life Now!!!

Ovoxo , by Takeisha Parham

OvoxoThe rapper Drake and singer The Weekend together makes up the  Canadian based group Ovoxo. Even though The Weekend and Drake both are mainstream together the group Ovoxo is underground.Ablumn cover from You can hear Drake alot of time s shout out to The Weekend and their group in many of his songs. Their music is r&b mostly bust they do a couple of rap songs. I f you have not heard this group you are losing in life. Their music is very “catchy” after listen to one albumn you can find yourself humming and dreaming about the lyrics.

Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986), Young moneys artist Drake, is a Canadian recording artist and actor. He started out as an actor on Degrassi and transformed into what we know as October’s Very Own the OVO in the group OVOXO.


 Abel Tesfaye (born February 16, 1990), aslo a Toronto native is the XO in OVOXO. XO  is the slogan and logo ‘The Weeknd’. X stands for the drug ecstasy, O for oxycodone



Jack Who? by Chelsea Crosby

February 17, 2012 at 1:00 pm, thousands of people all over the country logged onto to purchase tickets to a Jack White concert.

Jack White

Jack White. Single "Love Interruption"

But not just any concert. This would be his very first stop on his very first solo tour here in little ole’ Chattanooga, TN. Just 20 minutes later the show was completely sold out. I told my then significant other, who is a major Jack White fan, I would be getting him tickets for Valentine’s day, the only problem…they hadn’t gone on sale yet. I had been extremely lucky in making my final purchase at 1:10. 2 tickets to see Jack White. Fans all over the country were either boasting about their recent ticket purchase or grieving about being a minute too late. After discussing the concert with some family and friends I learned I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know exactly who Jack White was, but I was definitely the only one who didn’t know who he was yet had tickets to his concert. I was a little caught off guard by the response that followed the concert announcement. What have I done? I now hold a potentially $300 ticket in my hand for a guy who I only recognize by his name while some of my best friends, some of his biggest fans, left the ticket booth empty-handed. Of course that feeling turned into curiosity and I knew I had to keep this ticket. In the days leading up to the concert I did my homework and made sure to keep “Love Interruption” (the first single off of his upcoming album Blunderbuss) on repeat since that would be the only song from the album anyone would know and then I wouldn’t look like a clueless idiot at the concert, right? Wrong.

March 10, 2012 at 9:00, after a very…interesting performance by his opening act Hell Beach, Jack White finally took the stage accompanied by a very empowering, all female band. Their presence literally filled the room before they ever made a sound. However that amazing feeling faded with the first song. It was new to me, but not to the voices singing all around me (which I swear had a hint of taunting laughter at the fact that I was ill prepared). His full set included “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”, “Ball and Biscuit”, “I’m Slowly Turning Into You”, “Hotel Yorba”, “Seven Nation Army” and “We Are Going to be Friends”; and that was just some The White Stripes! He also performed “I Cut Like a Buffalo” by The Dead Weather and “Top Yourself” by The Raconteurs and a few other songs. Needless to say after the brief embarrassment I settled into the groove along the help of my significant other whispering which band originally played what song into my ear.

I think I’m becoming a fan…. I highly enjoyed the feeling of hearing not just 1 band but essentially 4 bands for the first time live. His music is 2 parts blues, a hint of folk, the perfect helping of grunge and tiny bit of blue grass which creates one of the most unique yet insanely fun blends of music I’ve ever heard. Each song was completely different and allowed me to freestyle dance accordingly. But what really clicked for me was that Jack White sang his heart out on that stage and it sounded almost identical to his voice on his albums.

So I say, you go Jack White, but make sure you come back of course. And I’m sure I’ll be attending more concerts just for another opportunity to discover a new band live

Living in Jesus Culture, by Zac Landreth

Have you ever heard of a band that has been able to grab a hold of its audience to the point of making them feel as if they were apart of the group? Jesus Culture is a group of individuals  that have been around for the past decade and have done just that. Since 1999 when the first Jesus Culture conference was held in California, Jesus Culture has been hot on the scene for showing the love and satisfaction of how Jesus Christ is when you allow Him to be apart of your life.  Courtesy of pushed mainly towards the youth of the world, Jesus Culture has reached the hearts of many individuals both young and old. They speak alot about being apart of a “generation” and how each generation has a purpose. Thay want you to love God and serve Him with all that you have. The Lord put within the leaders of Jesus Culture four distinct purposes for their ministry:

1. They would be connected with spiritual fathers and mothers and aligned under their covering.
2. They would be passionately in love with Jesus – encountering His extravagant love for them daily.
3. They would give their lives to prayer and know how to win the war in the heavens.
4. They would walk in the supernatural – demonstrating the Kingdom of God through power. (

On April 10th, Jesus Culture is going to be holding a one night music event at Belmont University in Nashville, Tn.. Tickets are $25 and can be ordered through their website @ I for one have never seen them before and look forward to seeing the impact that they make on not only myself, but to all my fellow brother and sisters in Christ. It isn’t everyday that band speaks to me as much as this one has just by listening to them through their albums.

Adele By Carrie Swafford








Adele is a female artist who brings soul to her music. With Songs like “Rolling In The Deep” on her new CD “ADELE 21”, she has quickly grown into the spot light. Her music has a blend of folk, jazz, and R&B, which brings a wide variety of listeners.


As soon as I got a microphone in my hand, when I was about 14, I realized I wanted to do this,” she says. Adele was born in Tottenham, north London, England to a single teenage mother.  Although  Adele came from a resolutely un-musical family, that didn’t stop her from dreaming. According to Adele she would impersonate The Spice Girls and Gabrielle and even do  little concerts in my room for her mother and her friends. Her mother would shine the bedroom lamps up to make one big spotlight, while they would all sit on the bed and watch her perform.


ADELE 21 was created about love. According to Adele she says, “‘Daydreamer’ is about this boy I was in love with, like proper in love with. He was bi and I couldn’t deal with that. All the things I wanted from my boyfriend, he was never going to be. I get really jealous anyway, so I couldn’t fight with girls and boys. It’s quite a sad album, [with songs about] being cheated on and not getting what you want”. A lot of people can relate to her songs because they have dealt or are dealing with similar situations.


Adele has a beautiful and unique voice, that is hard not to love. When she sings you can almost hear her feelings come alive in all of her songs. If you haven’t experienced Adele’s music, you should…




I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Christi Wilson

Aerosmith’s 1st number 1

Aerosmith an American rock n roll band often referred to as “The bad boys of Boston”, formed their band in Massachusetts in 1970. Guitarist Joe Perry and bassist Tom Hamilton, originally in a band together called the Jam Band, met up with singer Steven Tyler, drummer Joey Kramer, and guitarist Ray Tabano, and formed Aerosmith. In 1971, Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford, and the band began developing a following in Boston.  They signed their first record deal in 1972 with Columbia records. 

For 28 years the band never had a number 1 hit.  In 1998 “I don’t want to miss a thing” topped the charts for weeks at number 1.

The Gaslight Anthem by Cody Edds

The Gaslight Anthem are a rock band based out of New Jersey playing some of the truest rock music since the 70’s.  Their new album Handwritten comes out this year and Biloxi Parish is the first song you can hear from this album.  The Gaslight Anthem consist of Brian Fallon (lead vocals, guitar), Alex Rosamilia (guitar, backing vocals), Alex Levine (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Benny Horowitz (drums).  In a music world where rock has lost all its pride and blood, the guys of Gaslight Anthem are doing their best to bring life back to this dead genre with their punk fused blues-rock and intimate deep lyrics.

The Gaslight Anthem has been around since 2007 with their fast paced debut Sink or Swim but they didn’t hit it big until their second full length, The ’59 Sound.  The ’59 Sound was a bit slower than Sink or Swim but it had a blues blend that brought The Gaslight Anthem from the punk scene to the mainstream.

With their third full length LP American Slang The Gaslight Anthem finally found their sound.  That sound is the sound of true Rock & Roll with heart, the sound that got them a big record deal with Mercury Records which will release their new album this year.

Earlier this year Brian Fallon said that Handwritten is coming out much more aggressive and personal than anything he has ever done.  Speculation is that this album will sound a lot like The ’59 Sound with its blues and 1950’s sound but a lot faster like Sink or Swim.  Handwritten is set to release this summer and until then we’ll get by with Biloxi Parish and their previous works.

Earth, Wind, and Fire, a group that many has loved for years, by Eugene Arnold

Earth Wind & Fire is an America band that has spanned the musical genres of soul, jazz, R&B, funk, and rock.  They are one of the most successful and critically acclaimed bands of the twentieth century.  Rolling Stone Magazine described them as “innovative, precise yet sensual, calculated yet galvanizing” and has also declared that the band changed the sound of black pop.  (

EWF band was founded in Chicago by Maurice White back in 1969.  The band received 20 Grammy nomination winning six as a group with two of its members, Maurice and Baily winning  separate individual awards.  The group has certainly earned their fame by being inducted into the Rock & Roll and Vocal group hall of fame and the Hollywood walk of fame.  In the 70’s and 80’s the band had many hits such as “Shining Star”, Devotion, Reasons, just to name a few.  The band is also known for as having been the first African-American performer to sell out Madison Square Garden.  President Obama also invite the group to perform at the White House.

EWF tours from now through April 8th are all out of the country The new album  The Guiding Light which has their brand new single , “Then & Forever”

For all other information about the group go to

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Why I like Casting Crowns Band by Dian Marcum

For those of you who don’t know the Christian music band Casting Crowns band that is awesome to listen to everyday. The people in Casting Crowns band are Mark Hall, Megan Garrett,Hector Cervantes, Juan Devevo, Melodee Devevo, Chris Huffman, Brian Scoggin, and Melanie Hall. Here is one of there best known songs from there album Come to the Well: “Courageous” by Casting Crowns.

Their style can be described as the greatest hit band in Christian Music. They will be coming to Chattanooga, Tennessee on April 6, 2012 at UTC MacKenzie Arena. You can click hereto buy tickets for this upcoming event. Here is another great song from the album Come to the Well. Voice of Mark Hall of Casting Crowns sings “The Well” (citation: Casting Crowns)

Picture of there New Album (citation:The Well )

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