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Legend of Zelda Review by Leslie Eselgroth

As the sixteenth installment of Nintendo’s iconic Legend of Zelda series, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword needed to live up to the hype and high standards of its predecessors, a Legend_of_Zelda_Skyward_Sword_boxartfeat in and of itself. 5 years of production and development later, Nintendo accomplished just that. Skyward Sword retains the nostalgia inducing gameplay style of the classic action-adventure series but livens the series up with a fresh story, new world, and innovative controls. The game was released exclusively for Wii and Wii U in 2011 to an eager audience of all ages- typical avid teenage gamers, fans of the vintage original series, and curious casual gamers alike all flocked to purchase the latest title.

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Halo, Video Game Review by Kaitlyn Martin

The game series Halo which was created by Bungie and is now owned by Microsoft has accumulated millions of fans and revenue worldwide. The first game of the series that marked the epic journey of a military-based group of soldiers, known as Spartans, against the relentless and unpredictable aliens, the Covenant, was released in late 2001. The four main chapters of the trilogy are Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3. This first game set the benchmark for Bungie to continue the epic journey of their main character Master Chief throughout four main parts to the series, as well as several spin-off games, books, comics, and a film. Continue reading

Coin Drop, Video Game Review by Sharika Peterson

Coin-Drop-SliderAt its core, this is one of those arcade games where you stick in a quarter, and the quarter falls, hitting pegs along the way. You try to get it in a specific hole at the bottom. With cutesy graphics and nearly too-much-to-bare girly sound effects, this game’s is just too cute!

The whole objective of the game is to bounce your way through 75 levels, rescue the girl coins, demolish obstacles and solve puzzles as every touch of your screen sends coins raining down on bad coins.

Coin Drop features include cool moves like drop, spin, smash, bounce and demolish. You can shake your device for an even cooler experience of demolition. Puzzles, Portals, Lasers, Magnets, Stars, Pins and a catchy audio soundtrack. Continue reading

Fallout: New Vegas, Video Game Review by Cullen Smiddie

Fallout: New Vegas is one of my favorite games of all time. It is, however a sequel to Fallout 3, both created by Obsidian Entertainment and Bethedsa Sutdios in 2010. Bethedsa is also responsible for creating other titles such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and the Mass Effect series. Anyway, this is about Fallout: New Vegas. Set in a post-apocolyptic society in the Mojave Desert and in what the creators dubbed “New Vegas” modled after (you guessed it) Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue reading

Pokemon, Video Game Review by Jordan Etchison


The video game Pokemon (Red, Blue and Yellow) is one of the most impactful video games in history. Owned by game giant Nintendo, and created by Satoshi Tajari. Pokemon has a target audience towards young children, but it has also touched older people via nostalgia. The game allows a player to take part in an epic journey throughout a region (Kanto) in hopes of collecting gym badges, raising Pokemon to be as strong as can be, and catching the original 150 Pokemon. This game is top-notch fun, and throughout the years has improved graphically and gameplay wise. Continue reading

The Wild World, Game Review By Ciara Black


Animal Crossing: Wild World is the second game in the Animal Crossing series, created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Hisashi Nogami, Takashi Tezuka, and Katsuya Eguchi. Wild World was released in North America on December 5, 2005 and it is designed for the Nintendo DS and can be played single player or multiplayer. In Animal Crossing your character lives in a town with many neighbors, stores, and tasks to accomplish. There are no levels in this game, but you can upgrade your house up to seven times by paying of the mortgage each time. You can also sell pretty much anything like fish, insects, furniture, fruit, and clothing to get money. You also have to be nice to your neighbors or they will move away. It is like a real life town, you interact with other characters, make money, and keep your town and house clean.

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Game Review by Troy Nelson

Memories Can Be Lost, But Never ForgottenKingdomdaysNA

           Fanboys and fangirls alike scream and squeal because it has finally happened, ROXAS GOT HIS OWN GAME. Emerging from the darkness in 2009, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is the fourth installment in the series, serving as both a direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts and direct prequel to Kingdom Hearts 2. It follows the story of Sora’s Nobody, Roxas, as well as Axel and the mysterious 14th member or Organization XIII, Xion, during the one year gap between the two main titles. 358/2 Days introduces new elements to the series story that become important in later installments, and creates a new level of sentiment for Axel’s great sacrifice in Kingdom Hearts 2.

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NCAA Football 2014, Game Review by Fielder Dennis

I’ve followed this series of games ever since 2005, and have enjoyed the majority of them. The origin of the series dates back to 1995 with Bill Walsh College Football. This game evolved into an annual game from 1998 until the most recent year. Though there is a current labor dispute and it seems to be the final of the series these games have been serious fun and entertainment.

These games are clearly intended for the sports lover, or anyone who enjoys competition. The developer for this game was EA Tiburon who has made the most recent games.  I believe the genre would be classified as sports, but there are some traits to solo play or building a character also some have even labeled it as American Football simulation. The goal of the game is to succeed. No matter what form you play either dynasty or Road to Glory, the game is built to help you become a legend of College Football. As the game has developed through the years so has the graphics. The game has gone from simple cuts to absolute acrobatic moves that make it more realistic.

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Grand Theft Auto V, Game Review by Chance Peterson

The Grand Theft Auto franchise began in 1997 and as of the 17th of September, 2013 the series is now on its fifth main installment, Grand Theft Auto V. As usual this game was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, with direction by Dan Houser. The Grand Theft Auto series has received a lot of controversy over the years because of the violence, sexuality, and portrayed illegal activities. GTA V is no exception. This game is definitely not for small children (although I would have had fun playing it).

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Game Education Rant

At GDC 2011 I attended an Game Educators Rant which was pretty enlightening in terms of the obstacles we are up against in developing two new concentrations in Game Technology here at Chattanooga State. Most interesting to me was Ian Shreiber’s viewpoint (or my understanding of it) that traditional higher learning institutions have lost their way, having become too focused on tuition and losing sight of their mission–teaching, research, and public service.

Ian goes on to talk about the reality of the gaming industry when it comes to education:

…The video game industry doesn’t care about degrees. At GDC you can see over 10,000 employed, experienced, professional game developers who only care about one thing when hiring: can you help them to make a great game? And if the answer is yes, they don’t care if the reason you can help them make a great game is because you’ve got a PhD in Computer Science from MIT, or if it’s because you taught yourself assembly programming at age 11 and have been constantly building your skills ever since and you never bothered with college because it took time away from making yourself a better programmer.

This point sticks with me and I was glad he posted the entire rant on his blog: Perhaps this is true in many other areas of the media industry. Do degrees matter when it comes to getting those illustrious jobs? Usually at a minimum we can say they don’t hurt, but I think Ian implied above that they actually could.

I do see hope for our Game program though. As Kingsley Montgomery, a consultant for our new degree, pointed out to me in an email recently, we are focused on TOOLS. It is up to the students to use them to create work that can fill their portfolios. And we are providing access to the tools and the expertise to learn them at a fraction of the cost of other schools. It’s a pretty good deal..

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