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Pilot Talk 3 Review by Christian Phillips

Today I will be review a mix-tape entitled “Pilot Talk 3” by a rapper named Curren$y. While most rappers choose to “drop rhymes” about money, strippers, and drugs; Curren$y raps about the lavishes of life itself. As the third installment of Spitta’s plane themed series releases, Pilot Talk 3 finds the New Orleans native delivering a familiar set of luxury rap fairy tales in which he’s been know to do in the past few years.
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Greatness, Album Review by Jadarius Thompson

Kanye West‘s album called the “Graduation” is not only one of my favorite albums but it’s electrifying. Kanye is known for a lot of things; like acting crazy, being a fashion icon, musically genius, visionary, producer–the list goes on. The album before this he actually did really well called “late Registration” but this album I am discussing today is the best hands down. Great punch lines, metaphors, excellent sounds on the track. This was only just the beginning of Mr. West journey of greatness and success.

“Graduation” was released in 2007 by Roc-A-Fella records and the highly anticipated album was just more than phenomenal and expanded not only his fan base but brought his creativity to a new level. Let’s face it Kanye is very crazy but he is a mad genius when it comes to music. I could not simply just pick one song from here because there are too many great ones like Can’t Tell me Nothing, Big Brother, Champion, I Wonder, and Stronger just to name a few. This is one of those albums where you can let the whole track play without even turning to the next song because you don’t like it. The melody and Harmony he used to magnify the greatness in the sound did so much justice. Honestly if he could let people download the instrumentals of each track it would be great because they give you a positive vibe and it’s very soothing. I can defiantly say that music calms the savage beast and if you need some relaxation listen to this magnificent album.

This is something that anyone can listen to and limited cursing is another reason why I find it great. He talks about his future, his dad, his mentor/ brother figure Jay Z, overcoming obstacles and, he touches a lot of areas that people scared to discuss or just look over and it’s very interesting. He motivated me with a couple of those songs and till this day I can listen to those tracks and just relate and grow from it. Just like he did on his musical journey. This album was first on the billboards charts and he changed the game of hip hop with this album. He should be arrested for not bringing us this music faster. This album is not only for hip hop this album could be listed as other genres as well very diverse and a master piece.

A Dark Night Revisited, by Christopher Wilson

Since Philip Wesley’s debut into the New Age genre in 2002, he has become the man to beat in both listener loyalty and sales. In the charts, he shares company with names such as the internet’s newest instrumental sensation The Piano Guys, but also more traditional names like Jim Brickman. His best known album, Dark Night of the Soul,features eleven songs. It is one of Wesley’s most expressive and original albums to date. Some critics have even hailed the album as one of the 50 greatest works in its genre. Listeners seem to agree, as Philip Wesley has reached the number one slot on the iTunes music store and continues to be a common sight to listeners of online radios like Pandora or Spotify.

Many of the compositions, as the name suggest, share a peaceful melancholy sound overlaid with dark and turbulent overtones. As Mr. Wesley stated on his personal website, “‘Dark Night of the Soul’ is a music allegory for a journey through deep depression, debilitating anxiety, angst, and healing.” The album presents itself as a healing wave of darkness. Its compositions are diverse. Songs, such as Tears of the East, have a light, reflective feel that combines eastern themes with western style. More energetic pieces, such as Racing Against the Sunset seem to contain agiddy happiness mixed with unavoidable regret. What really sets the album apart, however, is its ability to explore the darkest part of human emotions while still remaining hopeful in its delivery. Dark Night of the Soul is an obvious choice for anyone who is a regular listener of classical or modern piano, but it is still a valid option for anyone with an appreciation of music. Where some modern piano seems to be dull and repetitive, this artist seems to replacemonotony with relatable emotion.

Philip Wesley is currently on tour with fellow pianists Michele McLaughlin and Joseph Adkins. Like past concerts, these concerts create a calm, intimate affair and give Mr. Wesley time to connect and interact with all his guests. I have not seen one dissatisfied customer. Although he has already completed the local segment of his tour, you can find him, his new sequel album to Dark Night of the Soul, Transcend, and all of his sheet music at his website, Mr. Wesley also frequently participates in Whisperings live concerts, where online viewers can donate any amount to see a broadcasted concert from their new favorite artist.

Childish Gambino “Because the Internet”–album review by Jacen Baugh.

Childish Gambino, also known by his real name Donald Glover, is a Comedian and TV actor who uses his hip-hop/R&B/Jazz projects to explore his childhood memories and his current fame. He even had a role in the latest hit movie “Martian,” staring Matt Damon. I would consider him one of those artists you either love or hate, although he does have a massive fan base. Most fans would consider him a “rapper,” but that is only because that is what he is most popular for. But he does so much more than hip hop itself, especially with this album, “Because the Internet”.

This album is more diverse than any of his work. Although the main genre in this work is Hip-Hop, Childish mixes it with R&B, jazz, and even a little rock at times. He covers adult concerns like love, one night stands, struggling with fame, his childhood, and more. At times he gets really personal with his life, but that is what I enjoy about him. He is not afraid to talk about his problems and insecurities. At times he even embraces them. Also, when it comes down to it, the production of the album is sharp. He even wrote a script that comes with this album and tell you when to play each song throughout the scripts. You could probably figure this with the shifting instrumental tracks like “Dial Up”, or “Playing Around Before The Party Starts”. I do not have a single favorite song, I enjoy all of them. I have seen him live twice and he is definitely a great performer. As of right now, he is still touring with his latest album, “Kauai”.

Tycho “Awake”, Album Review by Alexander Kuhne


Tycho is the name of Scott Hansen’s ambient electronic music project. He is also well-known in the graphic design world under the name ISO50. “Awake” is his fourth album to date, and is marked with several changes to his sound since his previous works. Most notably, he replaced the drum machine with a live drum kit, and added more guitar work in the mix. This was the logical move in the progression of his sound and has worked to make “Awake” his most accessible album. Continue reading

Aloe Blacc “Lift Your Spirit” Album Review by Sophia Efiom


Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III also known as Aloe Blacc released his third album “Lift Your Spirit” October of 2013. The albums genre of music is Soul, R&B, Pop. A few of the songs also have an old school sound to it; like from the 70’s. In this album he definitely showcases his range of vocal talent, including very high notes. He has a really unique, powerful,and soulful voice. Continue reading

Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here”, Album Review by Alexander Vaughn


Pink Floyd’s 1975 album, “Wish You Were Here” has a genre of Classic, progressive and psychedelic rock. All of Pink Floyd’s albums have similarities and differences. With Floyd, you know you will get your classic guitar solos with David Gilmour shredding, and the spread out time lapses of the band just jamming.

There are only five songs on this album. There is not a bad song on the album, which is hard to come by now days. In my opinion “Wish You Were Here” is by far the most popular on the album but “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” or “Welcome To The Machine” are my personal favorites. Continue reading

Bright Eyes, Album Review by Kayla Gilbert

Bright Eyes is a band that is headed by Conor Oberst. The other member of the band weren’t permanent and certain musicians would play on certain songs depending on what instruments would be used. In 1998 their second full length album was released, Letting Off The Happiness. The majority of this album was recorded in the basement of Oberst’s home on an analog eight track reel to reel. The lack of good recording quality added to the album’s sound. The sometimes rough sound goes well with Oberst’s quivering voice. The album is considered to be indie rock, but there is folk/country undertones in songs such as The Difference in the Shades.

Letting Off The Happiness isn’t much like Bright Eyes’ later albums, but the low recording quality is similar to their first full length album, as is the use of a variety of instruments and sometimes unidentifiable sounds. My favorite song on this album is the very first track, If Winter Ends. This song begins with a high-pitched buzzing, random static-like noises, and a sample of children shouting before going into the song that consists of a keyboard, acoustic guitar, and Oberst’s vocals. The lyrics are full of emotion as Oberst sings about having a “cold, winter-set heart” and wanting to be taken to the “perfect spring”, but he doesn’t seem to believe that this exists so he adds “just lie to me and say it’s gonna be alright”. Along with this, the lyrics are self-deprecating and full of doubt, yet they’re comforting in the way they make you feel less alone if you feel the same way.

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A Day to Remember, Album Review by Corey Jordan

This review is on, A Day to Remember’s recent album, ‘Common Courtesy’. The band consists of various personalities, such as: Jeremy McKinnion (Lead Vocals), Neil Westfall (Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals), Joshua Woodward (Bassist), Kevin Skaff (Lead Guitar), and Alex Shelnutt (Drummer). They are a Pop/Rock/Sreamo band and formed in Ocala, Florida. Most of their albums are the scream type with a few power ballads thrown in the mix. This album focuses more on the heavy side with some beautiful ballads.

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The Dirty Guv’nahs, Album Review by Ann Peretz

The Dirty Guv’nahs are a band based out of Knoxville, TN and could be categorized as Roots Rock and Alternative Country. The band is composed of six members who began playing shows together in 2006, and released their first self-titled album in 2009. The Guv’nahs then released their second album, Youth is in Our Blood in 2010.  Something unique happened for their third album; they started a Kickstarter account to raise the $20,000 it would take to produce their third album. In only three days the band raised the money needed. And Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies released on August 14, 2012. To kick off the album and say thank you to their fans the band played a free concert on Market Square at home in Knoxville, TN.

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