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Regent, Tom Griscom, visits COMM 1010 Survey Mass Comm class

Tom Griscom speaking to studentsOn Monday, September 8, Tom Griscom, former editor of the Times Free Press and current regent for the Tennessee Board of Regents, visited with students in Chris Willis’ COMM 1010 Survey Mass Comm. Mr. Griscom shared his insights on storytelling, the transition to digital and social media, and the value added to a community by a local newspaper.

Mr. Griscom challenged students to think of creating new forms of communication from scratch, in the digital age, and what would be the key ingredients. “I’d still have a newspaper….it should invest in rich content,” said Griscom. He went on to emphasize increased market penetration via social media and using more video in place of photos.

These ideas further illustrate the need for digital media communicators with modern storytelling skills for the new media marketplace.

Airbrushed Images Banned in UK

Remember all that discussion we had in class about image manipulation with Photoshop and the impact that has on our society? No? Well, here are some links:

Wet Dreams and False Images Documentary

The latest on this issue are reports that the British Advertising Standards Authority has banned recent Loreal ads featuring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington because they were not representative of what the makeup products are actually capable of delivering.

Would we want the US government to step in on such an issue? Would the National Advertising Review Board here in the US ever make such a move? My take is that everyone knows the lie, but we like to believe in it. We all like to think that with just a little bit of magic we can be completely transformed.

News Gamification: Will leveling compel the younger generation to keep up with the news?

Do you believe that earning rewards for reading news articles would motivate you to read more of them? If the answer is No, are you over 30? My guess is that younger people are accustomed to earning progress or leveling in more aspects of their lives.


Hixson Youth Athletic Association











There are so many ways for our young people to learn life lessons. We put so much off on parents and teachers. I belive some of the most important lessons come from our coaches on the baseball field. At H.Y.A.A. we strive to incorporate many of lifes fundamental skills in to the joy of a good baseball game. Teamwork is something you will use for the rest of your life. The ability to listen to your coaches translates into listening to teachers, co-workers, and family. You don’t always get what you want in life so learning to be a good looser or a gratious winner will stay with our kids forever.

To better serve our community and our parents we have recently updated the activity on our Facebook page to make it more informative and user friendly. In the past it was just a place on the web. Now it is becoming a community for our parents and player. During our efforts to better serve our children we realized we had some problem with our website and the functionality of it. Our website is under repair and we are doing it big and doing it right. Our families are going to be able to sign up to get instant messages via text and email when we have rain outs or big announcements. It is an honor to work with H.Y.A.A. and an even bigger honor to play a part in molding these young boys and girls into men and women.

Please visit our new website as it is being built

Remember: The best coach is a good parent

Jamie Goebel

Opening Doors and Realizing Dreams, By: Edward Crowe

Rosa, 20 sits staring out a window wondering how her dreams are finally becoming a reality. She remembers a time when she didn’t even know where her next meal would come from or how her family could pay their rent. “I was wondering exactly where my life was heading and I didn’t even know where to start making things better.” Rosa and her family were living in motel rooms barely making it on odd jobs that her father could find on weekends. Her parents were immigrants from Cuba and were trying to live a life free from oppression. One afternoon Rosa saw a flyer stating that free English courses would be available at the local library. She was quick to take a number and find exactly what it would take for her to learn English. “No one in my family spoke English and I knew you needed to know to find a good job.” This was the beginning in a series of events that would change her life.

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Behind the Scenes of a Student-produced TV Show

Producing a TV show can be quite a task. Getting 40+ students in two different classes working together on one product with demanding technical and creative challenges, is even more of an accomplishment. Student at Chattanooga’s State’s Media Technology program are pulling it off rather well.

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, a Promising Investment? By Davina Reasons

When Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan announced on January 19, 2011 that Anne Hathaway was being cast as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman for the next round of Dark Knight movies,  I was ecstatic! Some say that she will not pull off this role, just like everyone thought that Heath Ledger wasn’t going to be able to pull off the Joker. We see that Nolan obviously has a good eye for people for the roles for these movies. Anne Hathaway has never really been known as an “athletic” actor, however she has always nailed every role she has taken on. Although there were plenty of actresses that would have fit this role just as well as Hathaway, such as Charisma Carpenter, Kate Beckinsale and even Jessica Beil. But either the actresses are too old, to girl next door or just plan not fit for the role.  Hathaway has proven time and time again that she can in fact pull of a diverse array of roles.

The general consensus I have come across is that she is not athletic, she’s “too sweet” says Michal R. on Facebook. Some people that she has that Classic look, and others think that there will be too many stunt doubles with horrible screen shots. Here are a couple of points I have discussed with others about the pros and cons of Anne Hathaway portraying Catwoman.

  • “She’s an improvement over Katie Holmes” – Michael R. via FB
  • “She’s sophisticated, elegant even for the role” James M. via FB
  • “Anne Hathaway, if she nails it, it will be that much more impressive. And I wouldn’t worry about the stunts looking bad.” – Michael R. via FB
  • “I think maybe Ann Hathaway ACTS like a nice girl. Maybe this is going to be awesome – when she turns bad AND sexy?” – Morgen R. via FB
  • Cat Woman should be both an actress and an athlete, not just a pretty face. I don’t think Anna Hathaway has any experience with stunts. Doesn’t mean she couldn’t do a lot of training, but they’d be better off starting with an actress that can do more than look good in a princess gown. Wallace N. via FB’

Christopher Nolan seems to know what he’s talking about though, look at Heath Ledger as the Joker!  Anne Hathaway has demonstrated herself to have the ability to play Catwoman on several varieties of occasions, being able to tap into different dimensions of her characters, losing herself into her characters as neurotic as some of her roles have been. Although Rachel Getting Married was a flawed movie with a great performance, perhaps Nolan saw in that Oscar nomination grittiness the former Princess was able to bring to make for a promising investment for his vision.

The Rebirth of Alexander McQueen, By Edward Crowe

The world was stunned last year when fashion designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide in his Mayfair, central London flat days after his much beloved mother passed.  Fashion analyst tried to predict how the incredibly popular and profitable McQueen line could survive without its visionary at the helm.  The sixty million dollar a year business had been gaining strength in the fashion luxury market after McQueen debuted to high reviews in 1993.  His always romantic yet provocative designs showed the strength of an independent woman while raising fashion to a true couture art form. Polarizing and evocative McQueen was never afraid to take high risks.  While famous names like Gareth Pugh and Marc Jacobs were rumored to take over the fashion house the ultimate choice went to long time McQueen assistant Sarah Burton.

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The Viral Virus, Jamie Goebel

I am embarrassed to see what we call entertainment in today’s society. When something goes viral it leads to laughs, fortune and sometime fame. However, there is a much darker side, which no one is willing to really talk about.

First and foremost is the fact that we have become a society of idiots who will come close to pissing ourselves to see a cat fall off a television while taking a nap. When I think of something going viral I want to see an in-depth hidden cameras in the nuclear planning room in Iran. But no, that it not what the masses desire. We don’t want the news or the truth, we want to see humor or complete human failure. Continue reading

10 Technologies that Changed the World: By Mike Knicely

1)      Morse Telegraph – 1837

The Morse Telegraph, more commonly known as Morse Code, invented in 1837 by Samuel Morse, was the first technology of its kind, allowing long, detailed messages to by transported over huge distances via wire. This technology not only changed the way people communicated, it changed the armies communicated, allowing orders to be transported from command posts to the front lines quickly and efficiently. Continue reading

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