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5 Reasons Marijuana Will Be Legalized in Two Years

5. Too many people smoke it as it is, so eventually the government will stop trying to fight an uphill battle they will never win.

4.Bill Clinton(Yes, President Bill Clinton) smokes Weed. If the former president of the United States was lighting one up in the White House, then why is it illegal for regular citizens to do the same?

3. Willie Nelson smokes marjuana. If one of the greatest musicians of all time can live past 70, still write good music with the help of Marijuana use, then “Weed ain’t all that bad”

2. The side-effects of marijuana use is far less than cigarette and alcohol use.

1. It is proven thru scientific research that Marijuana is beneficial to your health.

Brand Evangelism by Jarvin Jones

A brand evangelist, as the words of the term would indicate, is someone who champions a particular brand, product or service. The extent of this makes the term a very broad context however. Just about anyone can be a brand evangelist in some aspect. It can be argued that evangelists can be simple brand loyalists. In the book Social Media Marketing, author Liana Evans says that brand loyalists are “fanatically loyal” and spread the word about whatever brand they use with no formal marketing strategy (103).

Some even refer to the term as customer evangelists. Others define a separate entity, the corporate evangelist. One blogger, Jackie Huba, co-writer of the Church of the Customer, says that there are whole departments dedicated to this idea, and is, “increasingly common in the tech industry, [and] less common everywhere else.” It can actually be a job because some marketing people can and in fact, be brand evangelists for their product. But the simple difference is that a corporate individual is paid for his or her specialized work, while a customer simply spreads the word without demanding anything from the company.

I probably wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore evangelist of anything, but we do it so often without actually realizing it. We all use products and we talk about them. I talk about my use of Sony products, particularly the PS3, as well as the use of Firefox and maybe even Skullcandy headphones. I talk about it with friends and family. To be honest, I don’t have a great amount of influence since I’m not the greatest hard seller in the world.

10 Technologies that Changed the World: By Mike Knicely

1)      Morse Telegraph – 1837

The Morse Telegraph, more commonly known as Morse Code, invented in 1837 by Samuel Morse, was the first technology of its kind, allowing long, detailed messages to by transported over huge distances via wire. This technology not only changed the way people communicated, it changed the armies communicated, allowing orders to be transported from command posts to the front lines quickly and efficiently. Continue reading

The Wylde Man Cometh By: Mike Knicely

After getting the boot from Ozzy in June of 2009, Guitarist Zakk Wylde could have laid down his guitar and faded into obscurity, however the self-proclaimed “hardest working man in metal” is having none of that. Never one to sit on his hands, Wylde immediately entered the studio with long time side project Black Label Society, the Result is an unrelenting, sonic maelstrom entitled Order of the Black. Continue reading

Obsolete by Suzie King

I am a story-teller.  I can make a boring story good and a good story great.  I am one who embellishes and a master of colorful language.  I want to describe how everything looks, how I feel inside, and how all things work together for amazing results.  To hell with the truth, I try to keep the listener in mind.
I have become obsolete in my own lifetime.  In the new technological age of social media, like MySpace, Facebook, and twitter, all communication has been reduced to a series of texts, tweets, and instant messages.  There are blogs for the real story tellers, a few paragraphs to ease my frustration.  I am also an adept conversationalist.  I enjoy debating controversial subjects and pontificating about ideas and solutions to the world’s problems.  However, I find that people who rely on  instant message communication, have also lost the skills that it takes to converse with the spoken language.  After typing their thoughts and feelings all day into short, concise, and factual blurbs, they find true conversation taxing or even terrifying.
Are we losing the art of deep communication?  Are our deep insights and feelings being packed away, or just ignored.  Are we becoming a society of isolated individuals who have lost the capacity to share their inner most hopes, dreams, and fears with others.  I am an excellent reader and communicator, but all anyone wants from me is “Just the facts ma’am”.  I am trying to keep up with technology.  I find all these social networks exhausting.  If I want to go out and have some fun, I find myself looking at pictures of men, with a paragraph attached, that THEY wrote about themselves.  I have not gone out much.  My children never call my phone, they just text me the need to know information.  I am fully capable of writing an interesting letter, but who would read it.  I take too long to convey my messages, therefore, I am rarely heard.
I have spent many years in college learning about things that nobody cares about and now I find myself back in school.  Now, I am trying to learn a technical skill, so that I can get a paper that says I am qualified to work on something.  It doesn’t matter what i work on, it can be electronics, cars, plumbing, even human bodies.  As long as I have a license to work on it,  I will have a job.  I just need to find a niche.
Maybe I am just a complainer.  Maybe I should just shut up and go with the flow.  I am a very thoughtful dinosaur.  A mentally astute sociologist with no one to ponder the world with.  I feel like a plethora of worthless knowledge.  Like Winston, in the book  1984 by George Orwell, I am learning Newspeak, but longing for another more colorful reality

A Hopeful Message Through Music and Social Media

Isn’t music just great? No really, it is amazing. I believe that in a sense music is magic, a theme with imagination, a journey of a story. It is true though that everyone shares a different opinion of music. Some people love it, others like it, and then there are also some people that don’t care too much for music in general.

What about social media sites? There are many, I know. I believe that social media sites are great, but still they do have there flaws. I believe it is great how people can connect with each other and interact throughout the web. Find old friends, make new friends, learn new information, help give information to someone, quick way to message, videos, web chats and such, music, organization, marketing, advertising, and so much more. It can be mind blowing if you think about it to much! I think it is interesting how there is a sense of connection throughout social media. It is amazing and also interesting how sometimes people can end up accidentally making something great through some online site like Myspace, Facebook, or Youtube, etc.

 Now what about this; is music, television, video games, and/or getting on your favorite social media website just an escape? Do you engulf your life with time on the internet to escape from the real world? It is possible. It could happen, but let’s not think about that right now.

Continue reading

Social Media Strategies

On April 21st, Zsavonne Heathcock, a Chattanooga native, spoke to the Social Media class about her work with Merlot Marketing, Inc., a marketing agency based in Sacramento, CA. Zsavonne is a social media strategist for Merlot, now working out of Newport News, VA, who needs only a Blackberry and a laptop with Wi-fi to do her job. With great examples for her experience and her take on the industry, she helped us wrap up a great semester learning how to use social media to cause action for a cause.

How to start a Dance Company / Dance Crew

Five easy ways to start your Dance Company/Crew

By: Morgan Weske

First off, I’m not a professional at starting dance companies, but I do have some experience. As being a dance contractor for different dance companies and schools here in Chattanooga I have learned how to market and promote growth for my business. As well as, my friend and I have recently started a dance ministry here in Chattanooga and is progressing very well.

1)  You & Your Passion Like all good businesses it starts off with a simple passion/ desire for doing something you love. So, yes, it starts off with just you. If you don’t have teaching, leading, or choreographing skills than it’s best to start off somewhere (in a small local studio) where you can get experience. Like most artists, spending lots of time in the studio is crucial: preparing lesson plans, choreographing dances, and perfecting your technique. Then, start sharing with the community who you are as a local artist: videoing dances, attend dance clinics, teach private lessons, perform at festivals, perform at churches, perform any where you can. Exposing yourself to the community will get more people excited about what you do, and will possibly want to join you in your developing company.

2)  Developing Company Getting Exposed My friend Ariel said, “Once you start performing people will see you and want to join you.” Ariel and his wife started Relentless, a well known performance art ministry in Knoxville. He said they started off as a small crew, and when they started performing others joined. Once others are slowly joining your company it is good to have a routinely practice at least once a week when you all can get together and work on up coming performances. First, find a studio that will allow you to practice there, if not churches provide good space. Than, you and your small company should start performing at every free event you can find such as: art shows, venues, parks, talent shows, competitions, etc.

3)  First Performance After performing at every free event you’ll have people intrigued to watch you dance (fans). Then for sure you have people willing to pay money to see the company. Start planning the first official upcoming performance. (Don’t go over the board with details, stay simple) Like most businesses, they start off small and grow from there. Most likely, hold the performance at where the company practices at, if there’s room for an audience. If there’s not enough room perform in a church (always free). Stay simple, go with what you have. Start off with an introduction about the company and perform the dances you all have been working on. Having different people over directing, sound, lights, music, costumes, and other creativity will be a lot smoother than having one person do it all. Remember you are trying to build fans… so, keep the tickets relatively cheap! Or, don’t charge for tickets and accept donations only.

4)  Including Your Fans Getting your fans involved is very important. Social Media helps the most here. Start a You Tube account and Face Book account to include the community on all your videos and upcoming performances. It might seem like a lot at once, but just start with one account at a time. Later, build your website and create business cards. Charity events really include the community as well, such as dance work shops for: inner city kids, orphanages, hospital patients, etc. Also, do fund raisers for local charities.

5)  Staying Successful Lastly, goals and dreams are reachable, however, not if they are money oriented. Depending on how large the company grows, you might not make a career of it. If lucky enough, you might make enough steady income for you and the instructors. Most well known dance companies pay their dancers, and if you do make that much than I insist you do pay them. Because if you think about it your dancers have a very occupied life as well with school and work. Paying your dancers offer you more reliable dancers! They will take the company more seriously and tend to be apart of the company much longer than non-paid dancers.

Top Music Venues Downtown CHAttaboogie

by: Tara VEE

Here in CHAttanooga we only have about ten venues downtown (enter giggle of sarcasm here) as much as I love them all in some form or fashion I was forced to bring the number down to 5.

With that in mind and keeping to the downtown feel I must define venue not based on size but its consistent ability to provide music even if it only fits 20 people.

This list gives a little taste of each different style of music that I feel is important to CHAttaboogie.

We have many events during the year that bring amazing music to the Chattanooga Valley. Music series such as Nightfall, Summer Concert Series, 3 sisters Festival and the many charity events such as Brewers Festival are a valuable resource to our community.

When it comes to staple locations we must think of attendance, dynamic acts, and what I like to think of as “local love”. There are also a few new venues and even older ones that may not be in the downtown area but are definately worth mentioning.

As our youthful innovative expressions and perseverance push towards making CHAttanooga a well known “music city”,  I assure there will be many more venues in the future.

5. Ziggy’s Hideaway, 607 Cherokee Boulevard-Mostly underground and heavy hitting but not limited to,  Ziggy’s has given CHAttarockers a consistent Metal and Hard Rocking home.  Mostly including local and regional bands they have been known to pull head bangers such as former members of GWAR into the line up as well. And its a liquor store too. =)

4. Lindsay Street Hall, 901 Lindsay Street– Ken Crisp of Linsday Street Hall as well as his family have turned this church on Lindsay Street into a Bluegrass, Swing, Jazz, and Acoustic lovers dream. The building itself has a beauty that these styles of music cling to. Every Monday night Paul Lohorn’s 18 Piece Big Band plays and Thursday is set for local and live musicians.  For calmer CHAttanoogans this is the perfect place to take it easy and bring friends of anystyle.

3. Market Street Tavern, 850 Market Street- Market Street Tavern has a mix of all genres at any time of the week. With the introduction of Second Saturdays this spot has begun to gain even more popularity. I especially remember the thought that came to mind upon entering this event “Bringing together ties and tattoos!” Along with Second Saturdays you are garunteed to find incredible live acts every Friday and Saturday. Not to mention through the week matching drink specials and local favorites such as Old Time Players and Ben Friberg Trio.

2. Mudpie Restaurant, 12 Frazier Avenue- Mudpie is an Open Mic Mecca. Hosted by an amazing individual Shawnessey Cargile, with support of many others, this venue gives an oppurtunity every Saturday night for singer songwriters to show their stuff. The last Saturday of the month is the “Open Mic Challenge”, it is like Chattanooga’s own American Idol but Mudpie had guitars first.  Many people confuse Open Mic and Karaoke. Each have the good and the bad but Open Mic is held at a more professional level. True talent showcased weekly by people you may have never known and you would be amazed how talented a lot of them are. They have also branched out having music up to 3 other nights a week.

1. JJ’s Bohemia, 231 E. MLK Blvd./Rhythm&Brews, 221 Market Street

 OKAY. . .I cheated. I just couldn’t do it. Each of these venues bring amazing local, regional, and national acts. Each have amazing men who book the shows and amazing staff (and wives) behind them. Each support our community with a deep love and commitment for the music in it. They are each eclectic with their choice of music and have something for everyone almost every night of the week. From cover bands, superstars bands, and crazy bands we would have never thought we would enjoy so much, I want to personally thank Mike and John for consistently bringing music to our lives here in CHAttavegas. and

Rocking Mentions: The Warehouse, Tremont Tavern, Discoteca, 412 Market formerly known as Fathom, Loose Cannon, Barking Legs Theatre, & The Riverhouse

Top 10 Things A Man Should Never Say To A Woman, by Tiforne Thomas

10.  Is that your natural hair color?  A woman wants to be appreciated for her sense of style. Even though she knows her hair color is not naturally pink, asking her is like questioning her sense of style. Just compliment her if you like it or keep your mouth shut if you don’t.

9. You look like your mother? Even though we love our moms we don’t want to look like them. Were assuming you think we look old and motherly because we know our moms are at least twenty years older than ourselves.

8. Do you live alone?  If a woman has only known you for less than a week that screams potential “Stalker,” material. Play it safe and let her give out that information.

7. Can I ask you a personal question? No, its personal so don’t ask.

6. Let me guess your age? If you guess to old she will resent you and if you guess to young she’ll  know you’re just trying to be nice. Either way you’ll never get it right the first time so just don’t go there.

5. How much do you weigh? No woman will ever tell you the truth so don’t waste your time asking.

4. What’s your fantasy? It’s just tacky and kinda creepy.

3. How many boyfriends have you had in the past? Again, no woman will ever truly tell you the truth so don’t even ask. It’s none of your business anyway.

2. I’m broke, can I borrow some money? This is a sure way to never get spoken to again.

1. Are you pregnant? You should never assume a woman is pregnant unless she tells you. It’s a big possibility that she recently gained a few pounds and is desperately trying to lose weight. I promise she will never forget nor forgive you in this world or the next world to come.

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