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What it takes to be Club of the Year

The Chattanooga State Media Club is having a terrific year! After winning the Club of the Year award at Hats Off to Excellence this week, it seemed like a good time to recap all that this group has accomplished over the year.

First up, students from Chris Willis’ Video Production II course and members of the Media Club worked with students from Chattanooga School for the Arts & Sciences to produce a music video in September 2011. The song, Splashin’ by Sw@ggbotz, represents good, clean, summertime fun.

In October students crowd-sourced the coverage of RiverRocks events, put on by Chattanooga Presents and Fidelity Trust Co. This resulted in several outstanding video essays that captured the essence of key events in the outdoors festival.

Also in October the Media Club partnered with the Chattanooga State Drama Club to produce a Zombie movie, the highlight of which was having Dr. Catanzaro in full zombie makeup attack a student.

For Halloween and Christmas students were involved in coverage of fundraising events at Track 29: Halloween Bash and Beck the Halls.

Over the Spring semester students have been busy preparing for a trip to Orlando to attend the Florida Film Festival, tour Full Sail University, and to take a Special Effects tour at Universal Studios. However, during this time they have also been working on videos promoting SGA elections and other student clubs. The Media Club covered the Spring Talent Show, and have also provided coverage at many campus events.

Also this Spring our Club submitted 4 films which will be shown in the Broad Street Film Festival downtown at the Carmike Majestic 12 on April 19. Please come out and support our students and vote for their films! Past winners from Chattanooga State include: Graham Uhelski for New Madrid and Touch of Sapphire by Morgan Smith.

The work this club has produced has been described by clients, such as the organizers of RiverRocks, as being on par with that of professional studios that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Their demo reels are exemplary of a quality program where students gain hands-on production experience, yet they are also learning to effectively manage large projects and to deal with clients. So again, hats off to the Chattanooga State Media Club for a great year of working together and producing quality work. Good job!

Behind the Scenes of a Student-produced TV Show

Producing a TV show can be quite a task. Getting 40+ students in two different classes working together on one product with demanding technical and creative challenges, is even more of an accomplishment. Student at Chattanooga’s State’s Media Technology program are pulling it off rather well.

Media Mommy by Jessie Knowles

I do not want my 2-year-old daughter to turn into a zombie. I do not want TV to rot her brain. I am fully aware of all the pseudo-research out there saying that putting children in front of the television at such a young and formative age can have serious repercussions to their development. But my daughter is growing up in a technologically advanced age and I am discovering the positive aspects of sitting my child down in front of the TV, besides getting a moment to do the dishes.

In an online article, How TV Affects Your Child, one of the arguments against allowing your children to watch television is that they will be exposed to violence and unsavory behavior. I, for one, view this as an opportunity to have discussions with my daughter about the nature of the world. Right now, she loves watching The Mask with Jim Carrey. There is a fair amount of violence in that movie but overall it is a lighthearted comedy where the good guy wins. During the “scary” or violent parts I discuss moral issues of right and wrong. “Why do you think The Mask is angry at those men?” “What would you do if that happened to you?”

Watch this scene from The Mask. It is one of my daughter’s favorites.

Instead of replacing family discussions with lessons from TV or movies, I use the scenarios in the shows she watches to help inspire a discussion. It is difficult to teach a child about violence when they have no frame of reference for it. Now, I am not about to sit her down in front of Saving Private Ryan just yet. Some of the images still have not left my mind, but I do think there is a place for a little controversial material in our children’s daily viewing.

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Show Them the Money, by Dorothy Foster

At first glance, Oprah, Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin have little in common. Dig a little deeper, however, and it seems that they do: all have tweeted through Twitter. This caused Conan O’Brien to poke great fun at celebrities being so self important. Photo describing tweeting from jail.

However, once he lost the Tonight Show, he lost contact with his fans  and retreated to Twitter himself, saying that it saved his life.

2010 was a banner year for Twitter. 100 million people tweeted over 25 billion times. However, the site stills needs to be able to make money and improve their product. To that end they have introduced promoted Tweets, which can cost as much as $100,000 for a 24 hour period. They became a phenomenon last year. Only time will tell if they get the money to keep up with the popularity.


The Viral Virus, Jamie Goebel

I am embarrassed to see what we call entertainment in today’s society. When something goes viral it leads to laughs, fortune and sometime fame. However, there is a much darker side, which no one is willing to really talk about.

First and foremost is the fact that we have become a society of idiots who will come close to pissing ourselves to see a cat fall off a television while taking a nap. When I think of something going viral I want to see an in-depth hidden cameras in the nuclear planning room in Iran. But no, that it not what the masses desire. We don’t want the news or the truth, we want to see humor or complete human failure. Continue reading

Is your home theater setup overly complicated? Maybe not for long..

Ars Technica editor and co-founder John Stokes explores the potential for a  much simpler future of home entertainment:

HiRe-definition: the Ars A/V Club weighs in on the future of TV.

World Cup in 3D

Video explaining how Sony is producing the 3D images for World Cup.

The WORST music videos of ALL TIME by: jOsH sLeDGe

When you need to re-evaluate what is good and what is bad, STOP!!! and look at these videos and RE-discover what a bad music video is. (as rated by america on ) I will be rating this from 10 to 1 for the worst as the MOST HORRIBE AS THE GRAND POO!!

10. one of your favorite classic bands….journey with the video : seperate ways!

9. is an all time waste….lol! Vanilla Ice with Stop That  Train.

8. I think this one would have rated a little higher on my personal list but I only write for the people! LOL. But here is Gunther with Tinny Winny String Bikini

7. ……just bad. LOL!!! Kraftwerk with “the robots”… “the mess” haha!

6. we all had to much to drink and danced to it….but did you EVER watch the video? HAHA! Right Said Fred with Im to sexy

5. men without talented video should have been the name but instead it was Men Without Hats with Safety Dance!

4. Its Ok if you wake me up before you go….just dont do it with this video! Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go!

Now were to the BEST OF THE BEST……OR…….THE WORST OF THE WORST or whatever lol

3. I WOULD RATHER HAVE  A ROOT CANAL! THE “Hoff” with (besides a waste of time) Hooked on a feeling!

2. My insides are crying!!! Leonard Nimoy with The Ballard Of Bilbo Baggins..cring cring…



I hope you all enjoy! 🙂 OH!! and remember this is the worst videos and not the songs!( cuz i love Wham and Journey) haha!


jOsH S.

“A Laugh is A Smile that Burst!”  -Mary Waldrip

Top 10 Things A Man Should Never Say To A Woman, by Tiforne Thomas

10.  Is that your natural hair color?  A woman wants to be appreciated for her sense of style. Even though she knows her hair color is not naturally pink, asking her is like questioning her sense of style. Just compliment her if you like it or keep your mouth shut if you don’t.

9. You look like your mother? Even though we love our moms we don’t want to look like them. Were assuming you think we look old and motherly because we know our moms are at least twenty years older than ourselves.

8. Do you live alone?  If a woman has only known you for less than a week that screams potential “Stalker,” material. Play it safe and let her give out that information.

7. Can I ask you a personal question? No, its personal so don’t ask.

6. Let me guess your age? If you guess to old she will resent you and if you guess to young she’ll  know you’re just trying to be nice. Either way you’ll never get it right the first time so just don’t go there.

5. How much do you weigh? No woman will ever tell you the truth so don’t waste your time asking.

4. What’s your fantasy? It’s just tacky and kinda creepy.

3. How many boyfriends have you had in the past? Again, no woman will ever truly tell you the truth so don’t even ask. It’s none of your business anyway.

2. I’m broke, can I borrow some money? This is a sure way to never get spoken to again.

1. Are you pregnant? You should never assume a woman is pregnant unless she tells you. It’s a big possibility that she recently gained a few pounds and is desperately trying to lose weight. I promise she will never forget nor forgive you in this world or the next world to come.

‘Pants on the Ground’ Ratings Hoax, by Ashley Quarles

Courtesy of FoxIn recent years, reality television has become a cultural phenomenon. One of the biggest of those shows is American Idol. It is a show that allows the audience to pick their favorite performer and then vote desperately to get the given contestant through to the next round. However, one of the most popular parts of the show is before the audience is even allowed to vote: the first audition in front of the judges. It is during this time that the tone deaf are shown. For anyone who has been living under a rock for the last decade and hasn’t seen the show, this part actually makes me feel embarrassed for the contestants. Now in its ninth season, the show recently featured a man, General Jerry Platt, singing his original song “Pants on the Ground”. Soon after its airing, the song became a viral sensation, but this audition also brings up questions as to how real this reality show is. Continue reading

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