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Production Halts at Chattanooga State

Like the rest of the world, 97% of the US at least, students and faculty are on a shelter-in-place order which has stalled the many productions by students at Chattanooga State. Other than our Pandemic Edition of Today@ChattState, our student radio and TV shows, and film projects are halted (you should keep listening to for great tunes!).

Here’s a look back at some of the production work that was happening this Spring and will return just as soon as we’re allowed:

PFTT students working on Faith Ims’ film Insecurity:

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Kedi: Much More Than Just A Documentary About Cats, by Casey Hamby

Kedi, a documentary shot in Istanbul, Turkey, follows the lives of 7 cats: Psikopat “The Psycho”, Sari “The Hustler”, Deniz “The Social Butterfly”, Duman “The Gentleman”, Bengü “The Lover”, Aslan Parçasi “The Hunter”, Gamsiz “The Player”. Each of their stories is told by the numerous caretakers that live and work there. Continue reading

Crushing It, Book Review by Quentin Coleman

2940430-5918525 - Quentin Coleman- Sep 24, 2018 426 PM - Book Review Iphone Mock Up.png

Wonder Woman, Film Review by James Tuggey

DC Comics Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, the love interest and part time (non-super) hero. Setting of the film include several key areas: Themyscira (which is home of the Amazons) and eventually multiple European sites such as Paris, London and a German held military base in Buckinghamshire. The majority of the film takes place in the 1940’s and into modern time 2017. This is categorized in the genre of Superhero Films along with Action and Fantasy.


In modern times Diana (Wonder Woman) receives a special case containing a single photograph imposed on glass which makes her flash back to her origin. Suddenly she’s back to her childhood of training for battle against her Mothers wishes. Diana is the Amazonian Princess her her Mother (The Queen) does not wish her to be a warrior. Diana is secretly trained but eventually reveals her powers as a young woman. An American Spy (Chris Pine), named Steve washes up on shore followed by German soldiers (not Nazis) and a battle ensues on the beaches on Themyscira where the Amazonian warriors are easily defeated by the German soldiers and their rifles. Eventually she leaves with Chris Pine headed for England because she believes that another God (her nemesis) is controlling the German Troops. She believes she can stop him and if he is defeated the wars will end. Multiple fight scenes and humorous dialogue while building on secondary characters create this interesting film.

What I enjoyed the most was the action throughout the movie. Wonder Woman came into her powers very quickly and she not only embraced but utelized them to their full potential and proved herself as a deserving God/Diety. However not all of her powers were exposed. Steve and his colleagues used her as a ballistic missile against a German sniper so they catapulted her along with a metal shield into the clocktower to stop the sniper and destroyed the tower with just her sheer power. Later when she’s fighting Ares (God of War) they both use vehicles as melee weapons against each other which showcases her strength.

I found the dialogue inconsistent and incorrect for the era which is was taking place. Case in point Diana apparently has never heard of the term marriage even though she knows over 100 languages. She’s speaking to Chris Pine about marriage and asks what marriage is and once she’s told, she replies “And do they, love each other till death?” and Steve replies, “Not very often”… In the 1940’s marriages did last most times for life as divorce was shameful and there was a stigma so I found this conversation awkward. I understand why they used it because it’s amusing and accurate for modern times but not back then. Although Wonder Woman supposedly the wisest woman in history she is constantly clueless to things that she should know such as the fact that there is a World War happening, the existence of Clocks, as a Warrior she didn’t somehow understand what a Frontline in a War is and she asked if grown men don’t sleep… These are all simple examples of poor script writing.

My overall reaction is that Wnder Woman was a lot better than almost all other DC films have been in a long time. Visually it was stunning and the CG was top notch. The sets were well placed and easy to watch. The action was steady and only a few points of slow, down time which is a vast improvement for DC. The film was definitely aimed to empower females but managed to do so without making the men out to be bumbling idiots. The musical score was well done and the score in the final fight scene fit perfectly. The actors were good and the director paid a lot of attention to detail with the actors. Chris Pine and the character of Steve was a great choice and enhanced the scenes that lacked action. I recommend reading the basic bio of Wonder Woman before watching the movie or some things may be lost to you. Otherwise it’s an easy story to follow and if you enjoy action fantasy you will likely appreciate this film.

Pilot Talk 3 Review by Christian Phillips

Today I will be review a mix-tape entitled “Pilot Talk 3” by a rapper named Curren$y. While most rappers choose to “drop rhymes” about money, strippers, and drugs; Curren$y raps about the lavishes of life itself. As the third installment of Spitta’s plane themed series releases, Pilot Talk 3 finds the New Orleans native delivering a familiar set of luxury rap fairy tales in which he’s been know to do in the past few years.
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Legend of Zelda Review by Leslie Eselgroth

As the sixteenth installment of Nintendo’s iconic Legend of Zelda series, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword needed to live up to the hype and high standards of its predecessors, a Legend_of_Zelda_Skyward_Sword_boxartfeat in and of itself. 5 years of production and development later, Nintendo accomplished just that. Skyward Sword retains the nostalgia inducing gameplay style of the classic action-adventure series but livens the series up with a fresh story, new world, and innovative controls. The game was released exclusively for Wii and Wii U in 2011 to an eager audience of all ages- typical avid teenage gamers, fans of the vintage original series, and curious casual gamers alike all flocked to purchase the latest title.

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Every Body has a Story

archivedThe Archived by Victoria Schwab is a story about a place where the dead rest on shelves like books. The dead are called histories and the place where they rest is called the Archive. Their lives are seen in pictures that only librarians can read. Mackenzie Bishop is tasked with making sure the histories, remain asleep but that proves to be difficult when someone is intentionally waking them up. Victoria Schwab uses her enchanting imagination to reveal the thin lines between past and present, love and pain, trust and deceit, unbearable lose and hard-won redemption.

Schwab wrote a masterful, dark and beautiful novel. Her descriptive ways take you into this imagined world where bodies are filed away like books. This book changes the way you see the dead. You’ll realize that when we lose people that they aren’t truly gone because they left footprints on everything they touched.

Schwab’s book helps those who are suffer from the loss of a loved one heal. She reminds us that they are not truly gone and to morn by their graves is to mourn for the empty shell they once occupied. We carry those we love with us because of the memories made together.

-Book review by Cheyenne Hixson

My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding is a romantic comedy staring A-list stars Julia Roberts, Dermont Mulroney, and Cameron Diaz. This is not the story line you’d expect with the movie title given. This 90’s romantic comedy gives you a love triangle you hope ends up with everyone still alive and a happily ever after.

We start with two childhood friends Jules and Michael, who make a deal that if each other is still single at the age of 28 they would marry each other. Four days before Jules’ 28th birthday, she receives a phone call from Michael and never expected to hear that words that came out of his mouth. “I’m getting married, ” Michael says. He can’t help but gush to Jules that he found the love of his life and plans to marry her ASAP. His bride-to-be is a 20-year-old blonde, Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) with a billionaire family fortune. Jules suddenly realizes she is in love with Michael. To make things even stickier for Jules, she becomes Kim’s maid of honor. There’s bad karaoke, an embarrassing gay fake fiancé, a moment Jules could have told Michael how she feels, and a kiss that kept you on your toes wondering who he would choose.

Film-making always has a direction where you think to expect to know the outcome. There is one rule in romantic films, you play along with the “jeopardy,” that usually ensures a happy ending. The reality that Jules might lose Michael becomes a palpable terror; and the film’s crescendo, the one moment where she has the chance to tell the truth, arrives. Michael stares into her eyes, searching, and says, “If you love someone, you say it. Right then … out loud.” We hold our breath, silently begging Julianne to just tell him. She stares back, the words are about to come out, and then … nothing. The moment passes by and we know that her chance is gone forever.

Another aspect of film-making is the casting. In a romantic comedy you always have to have a Hollywood sweetheart as the main character and a gorgeous hunk to play the love interest. Jules was the perfect role for Julia Roberts. From the big red hair to the big smile and vivacious personality. You wanted her to win the love she hoped for from Michael. Making the opposite love connection polar opposite of Jules is Kimmy, the bubbly, young, blonde that shows competition. Casting these three main characters gives the audience so many different personalities you don’t know who to love more, the sexy red head or the bubbly perfect blonde. You’re torn and also torn at who Michael will choose in the end.

My Best Friend’s Wedding is a romantic classic every girl falls in love with, even though it may have not been the ending we all hoped for. It kept us guessing the whole time on who he was in love with, but the truth was he loved them both just

different kinds of love. All women who love a good romantic comedy, this is the movie to see. Its plot line gives goose bump moments, cringe worthy scenes, and hopeless romantic hopes for love.

By: Samantha Carr

Love & Basketball

Love & Basketball is a classic film that tells the stories of two basketball players who are also lovers. The movie spans from their childhood all the way through college and their adult years. Love & Basketball can best be described as a romantic drama. It came out in April of 2000 and has Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps as the two co-stars. They put on an excellent performance of two people who have the same dream of playing for the NBA one day. The movie begins when they are both 11 living in Los Angeles in 1981.

At the beginning of the movie, Monica (Sanaa Lathan) and her family move to Quincy’s (Omar Epps) neighborhood in L.A. The first major event in the movie is when they meet at age 11. They play each other in basketball and he is surprised at how good she is. The movie then jumps to their senior year in high school. At this point in time, they have a love-hate relationship. They are both very focused on their basketball careers. Quincy has multiple schools wanting to sign him, but Monica hasn’t been recruited yet. Eventually, there is a major turn of events when they finally realize that they love each other. They become a couple and commit to the same college: USC. When they reach college, their relationship goes through some trials. Monica is doing well on the women’s team while Quincy decides to drop out and go pro. This causes them to break up and go their separate ways in life. The next major event in the movie is when Monica decides to play for an All-American team in Italy. She moves there, and in the meantime Quincy gets engaged to another woman. At this point, five years have passed since they were in college. Monica quits playing, and upon returning to L.A. she is crushed when Quincy tells her about his engagement. She challenges him to play one last game with her: a one-on-one match. She tells him that if she wins, she gets to win his heart back. Do Monica and Quincy get back together? Well, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

One aspect of filmmaking that was prevalent throughout the movie was background music. It was used to better convey the mood of a particular scene. For example, the night that Monica and Quincy first kissed there was a love song playing. Also, during their basketball games there was always fast-paced music playing. This was used to hype up the scene and give the viewer a sense of urgency. A lot of the games played were championships, and this music added to the excitement.

Another part of film-making that I found great in this movie was the acting itself. The two co-stars were excellent in playing their roles. With each step in their relationship, as the viewer, I felt where they were coming from. It was very understandable. It was said that the directors of the movie put a lot of thought into the actors before deciding on Sanaa and Omar. During their one-on-one match that I talked about earlier, they conveyed so much passion for each other through the acting. I felt as though I was in the scene with them, feeling what they felt. That’s how acting is supposed to affect the viewer.

Lastly, this is a classic film that I would recommend for everyone to watch. Even if you aren’t into basketball, it is still a drama that will keep your attention from beginning to end. I’ve watched it more than 10 times, and my reaction to it is still one of awe. I’m amazed by the storyline as well as the terrific acting. However, if you won’t just take my word for it, watch it and find out how amazing it is for yourself.

By: Ashley O’Guinn

The Room

The Room was a really good movie. The main purpose of the movie was to show how far a mother would go to protect her child. This movie had some twist and turns. The mother of the little boy took risks to make sure that he wouldn’t live in that room forever.

I really like the strength the mother had; she had been kidnapped and kept in this room for over six years. After giving birth to her son, she realized that she wanted to show her son the world and to let him know that there is more outside the four walls and door that they were kept in. She waited until her son was five before she told him what really happened and why they were trapped in this room. She made up a plan to try to escape, and it worked. By wrapping her son in a rug and faking his death, her son was able to escape the monster that was holding them captive.

I would recommend this movie to everyone because it gives insight on how strong a mother could be when her child is in danger and it also shows the mother making sacrifices so that her child could explore this big world and become something in this life. Her son really saved her life. Some students would find this movie to be entertaining and a thriller. I know that a lot of students aren’t parents, but just seeing this movie will show the love that a mother has for her child.

By: Angel Stone

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