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Natalie Gard- Example of COMM1030

This project was my favorite project of the whole semester. Editing someone’s head off their body and adding someone else’s head was not as easy that I thought it would be. I can use this skill later on in a career with adding an new element to a website or social media.





This photo is an example of the beginning of the class in photoshop. We had to experiment with color and hue on this photo and several others.


Gard Minor Adjutment final



Gard Minor Adjustments gray



The double-exposure project was one of the hardest to complete. We took several pictures, uploaded them, and started editing. Putting together two pictures and making them transparent was a lot harder then I exspected. Choosing color was the easiest part. This skill can help me later on with editing photos for a website. My mentor at my current internship has used photoshop to edit photos color.





Chatt State Media Club represents at SXSW 2013, by Chris Willis

What can we say about South by Southwest 2013? For some it was the chance to learn about new technology..

Students using Black Magic Cinema Camera

Being able to get up close and personal with the Black Magic Cinema Camera was worth the entire trip to me. -Tanner Stewart

For others it was the chance to meet famous people..

Student celebrity sightings.

I met basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neil, Director/Musician Rob Zombie, Actress Brie Larson, and Film Critic/Corresponder for Extra, Ben Lyons. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my spring break! -Samantha Durkan

For others an opportunity to visit the set of live productions..

Bravo Taping of Watch What Happens Live.

I learned so much about the inner workings of the film industry and discovered things I could never of found anywhere else but SXSW. It was a great experience. -Jacob Henson

And for others just a chance to be part of something huge..

Students in the big crowds in SXSW.

We worked really hard raising money and going above and beyond to make this trip happen. We didn’t know if it was possible but we did it and will take away so much from this trip. -Chad Wilson

For me, it was an opportunity to see a few of my students who’ve worked hard all year–among many others who’ve worked just as hard, to jump head-long into this industry event. This conference provided so many learning opportunities and challenged us all to work harder toward those landing students those dream jobs. Special thanks to our SGA and RiverRocks Chattanooga for their donations that made this possible!

What it takes to be Club of the Year

The Chattanooga State Media Club is having a terrific year! After winning the Club of the Year award at Hats Off to Excellence this week, it seemed like a good time to recap all that this group has accomplished over the year.

First up, students from Chris Willis’ Video Production II course and members of the Media Club worked with students from Chattanooga School for the Arts & Sciences to produce a music video in September 2011. The song, Splashin’ by Sw@ggbotz, represents good, clean, summertime fun.

In October students crowd-sourced the coverage of RiverRocks events, put on by Chattanooga Presents and Fidelity Trust Co. This resulted in several outstanding video essays that captured the essence of key events in the outdoors festival.

Also in October the Media Club partnered with the Chattanooga State Drama Club to produce a Zombie movie, the highlight of which was having Dr. Catanzaro in full zombie makeup attack a student.

For Halloween and Christmas students were involved in coverage of fundraising events at Track 29: Halloween Bash and Beck the Halls.

Over the Spring semester students have been busy preparing for a trip to Orlando to attend the Florida Film Festival, tour Full Sail University, and to take a Special Effects tour at Universal Studios. However, during this time they have also been working on videos promoting SGA elections and other student clubs. The Media Club covered the Spring Talent Show, and have also provided coverage at many campus events.

Also this Spring our Club submitted 4 films which will be shown in the Broad Street Film Festival downtown at the Carmike Majestic 12 on April 19. Please come out and support our students and vote for their films! Past winners from Chattanooga State include: Graham Uhelski for New Madrid and Touch of Sapphire by Morgan Smith.

The work this club has produced has been described by clients, such as the organizers of RiverRocks, as being on par with that of professional studios that costs tens of thousands of dollars. Their demo reels are exemplary of a quality program where students gain hands-on production experience, yet they are also learning to effectively manage large projects and to deal with clients. So again, hats off to the Chattanooga State Media Club for a great year of working together and producing quality work. Good job!

News Gamification: Will leveling compel the younger generation to keep up with the news?

Do you believe that earning rewards for reading news articles would motivate you to read more of them? If the answer is No, are you over 30? My guess is that younger people are accustomed to earning progress or leveling in more aspects of their lives.


“Will Work For Your Charity For Free!”: The story of closed doors being a blessing ~ by Kimberly Munsey-Carlton

I have never felt as unwanted as when I offered my Social Media skills and services for free to local charities. That old phrase, “I can’t give it away!”, took on real meaning for me and my Social Media class project.

Because I was certain that like most businesses, charities would not be aware of all of the free or low cost promotional tools online, I set up a plan so they could visualize my offer. I clearly outlined what resources we could utilize, like Facebook and Twitter. These tools needed time and thought but little to no money. Best of all, these tools reap big rewards, like exposure and donations.

I then placed calls to multiple charities in Chattanooga, offering them my Social Media skills for one year, for free. I reassured them I had great references, was a Chattanooga State student, and had a portfolio of work. I educated them on what clients pay for these services and that they would have a commitment for this same service for absolutely nothing. The person that answered the phones at places like Interfaith Homeless Network were all very warm and excited about it, once I explained it several times, yet not one accepted.

The problem seemed to be that no one knew what to do with my offer. Continue reading

“The Servers” by Shirley Hawkins

During the summer of 2010, Chattanooga State had two classes on scriptwriting and filmmaking. “The Servers” is a crazy script on the relationship of restaurant servers and their zany antics. It’s awesome to see your script come to life before your very eyes. Chris Willis was the instructor for filmmaking and script writing, he also did some of the directing and location scouting  The cast and crew worked together to create a great short film.

Skyping Guest Speakers into Your Class, by Chris Willis

Amber Adams addressing students in CO 110 Intro to Mass Comm via Skype.I’m going to go ahead and brag–I have the coolest class ever. Not so much because of me, the teacher, but because of fun yet educational things we get to do. For instance, today we had a guest speaker. Her name is Amber Adams and she works for Essence Magazine. Amber did not have to fly back to Chattanooga for her talk, nor did we have to wait for her to come home for a visit, she just Skyped into the classroom. Made popular by Oprah Winfrey, Skype allows users to make phone calls and video chats over the internet, usually for free.

Today Amber shared with us her history of getting into the magazine industry, gave advice for students looking to pursue this path, and motivation for others to follow their dreams (more great advice on her blog The Fab Life Project). She did all this from the comfort of her laptop and apartment in NYC, and the whole process took no more than 2o minutes or so of her time. Even if a guest speaker did live in your city, they’d likely spend at least that amount of time driving in and finding parking. Skype opens up a world of opportunities for instruction. For more information about how you can use this product in your classroom visit the Skype in Schools wiki or Skype’s own Skype in classrooms beta.

Show Them the Money, by Dorothy Foster

At first glance, Oprah, Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin have little in common. Dig a little deeper, however, and it seems that they do: all have tweeted through Twitter. This caused Conan O’Brien to poke great fun at celebrities being so self important. Photo describing tweeting from jail.

However, once he lost the Tonight Show, he lost contact with his fans  and retreated to Twitter himself, saying that it saved his life.

2010 was a banner year for Twitter. 100 million people tweeted over 25 billion times. However, the site stills needs to be able to make money and improve their product. To that end they have introduced promoted Tweets, which can cost as much as $100,000 for a 24 hour period. They became a phenomenon last year. Only time will tell if they get the money to keep up with the popularity.


The Viral Virus, Jamie Goebel

I am embarrassed to see what we call entertainment in today’s society. When something goes viral it leads to laughs, fortune and sometime fame. However, there is a much darker side, which no one is willing to really talk about.

First and foremost is the fact that we have become a society of idiots who will come close to pissing ourselves to see a cat fall off a television while taking a nap. When I think of something going viral I want to see an in-depth hidden cameras in the nuclear planning room in Iran. But no, that it not what the masses desire. We don’t want the news or the truth, we want to see humor or complete human failure. Continue reading

Top Five Truths You Need To Know About Making Money Blogging, by Kimberly Munsey-Carlton

As a paid blogger everyone with a computer asks me if they too can really make money blogging. What writer wouldn’t want to sit in their jammies, write what they want whenever they want, have a devout audience and get paid for it? So, the question remains –Can anyone with a keyboard actually make a living as a blogger?

The answer is a simple yes and no.

To put the concept of making money from blogging in to perspective, if every blog and blogger made money, especially enough to live on, it would be the equivalent of every novelist publishing their first book, without an agent or an editor and instantly getting royalty checks as regularly as payroll. I have been blogging for money and for personal agendas for almost four years and the truth about blogging is it just doesn’t happen like that. Continue reading

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