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Little Miss Mag Child Care Center, by Tarvie Gilbert

Little Miss Mag has continuously served low-income, working families in Chattanooga since 1917. The center provides quality and affordable care for children from 18 months to 5 years of age whose parents are either working or in school. Their sliding fee scale has allowed thousands of parents over the years to better their own lives, knowing that their children are in Little Miss Mag’s care. Located in the heart of the city, they are in great demand, but in keeping with their mission, they have insisted on maintaining affordable fees for parents.

Media Mommy by Jessie Knowles

I do not want my 2-year-old daughter to turn into a zombie. I do not want TV to rot her brain. I am fully aware of all the pseudo-research out there saying that putting children in front of the television at such a young and formative age can have serious repercussions to their development. But my daughter is growing up in a technologically advanced age and I am discovering the positive aspects of sitting my child down in front of the TV, besides getting a moment to do the dishes.

In an online article, How TV Affects Your Child, one of the arguments against allowing your children to watch television is that they will be exposed to violence and unsavory behavior. I, for one, view this as an opportunity to have discussions with my daughter about the nature of the world. Right now, she loves watching The Mask with Jim Carrey. There is a fair amount of violence in that movie but overall it is a lighthearted comedy where the good guy wins. During the “scary” or violent parts I discuss moral issues of right and wrong. “Why do you think The Mask is angry at those men?” “What would you do if that happened to you?”

Watch this scene from The Mask. It is one of my daughter’s favorites.

Instead of replacing family discussions with lessons from TV or movies, I use the scenarios in the shows she watches to help inspire a discussion. It is difficult to teach a child about violence when they have no frame of reference for it. Now, I am not about to sit her down in front of Saving Private Ryan just yet. Some of the images still have not left my mind, but I do think there is a place for a little controversial material in our children’s daily viewing.

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