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Top Five Truths You Need To Know About Making Money Blogging, by Kimberly Munsey-Carlton

As a paid blogger everyone with a computer asks me if they too can really make money blogging. What writer wouldn’t want to sit in their jammies, write what they want whenever they want, have a devout audience and get paid for it? So, the question remains –Can anyone with a keyboard actually make a living as a blogger?

The answer is a simple yes and no.

To put the concept of making money from blogging in to perspective, if every blog and blogger made money, especially enough to live on, it would be the equivalent of every novelist publishing their first book, without an agent or an editor and instantly getting royalty checks as regularly as payroll. I have been blogging for money and for personal agendas for almost four years and the truth about blogging is it just doesn’t happen like that. Continue reading

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