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Skyping Guest Speakers into Your Class, by Chris Willis

Amber Adams addressing students in CO 110 Intro to Mass Comm via Skype.I’m going to go ahead and brag–I have the coolest class ever. Not so much because of me, the teacher, but because of fun yet educational things we get to do. For instance, today we had a guest speaker. Her name is Amber Adams and she works for Essence Magazine. Amber did not have to fly back to Chattanooga for her talk, nor did we have to wait for her to come home for a visit, she just Skyped into the classroom. Made popular by Oprah Winfrey, Skype allows users to make phone calls and video chats over the internet, usually for free.

Today Amber shared with us her history of getting into the magazine industry, gave advice for students looking to pursue this path, and motivation for others to follow their dreams (more great advice on her blog The Fab Life Project). She did all this from the comfort of her laptop and apartment in NYC, and the whole process took no more than 2o minutes or so of her time. Even if a guest speaker did live in your city, they’d likely spend at least that amount of time driving in and finding parking. Skype opens up a world of opportunities for instruction. For more information about how you can use this product in your classroom visit the Skype in Schools wiki or Skype’s own Skype in classrooms beta.

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