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Melanie Fiona by Jasmine Moore

Image With influences like Sam Cooke, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill Soul and R&B is no stranger to Canadian born soul singer Melanie Fiona. Dropping the follow up to her debut album The Bridge on March 20, the album entitled The MF Life is what many would called an real old school soul album. Working with producers like No I.D, Salaam Remi, Andrea Martin, Rico Love, Los Da Mystro and T-Pain, Melanie Fiona stayed true to herself and the outcome in my opinion is one of the top 5 R&B album in 3 years. A simple soul album with a touch of new featuring hip hop artist such as J Cole, B.O.B, Nas and T-pain,gave a fresh twist on the album but yet it stayed soulful throughout. Melanie Fiona is doing what most soul and R&B artist are failing to do. Instead of converting herself to pop shes staying true to real soul. The MF Life only selling 34,000 copies in its opening week seemed to impressed many soul fans like myself. So i would like to say Thank You to Melanie Fiona for keeping soul music alive.

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Rolling Stone’s Top 40 Songs That Have Changed the World.

Think of a song. Not just any song, but your favorite song. OF ALL TIME. If you can’t narrow it down, that’s good, just pick one out. Now, how has that song changed your life? Has it? Or, at the least, does the genre of music you prefer have an influence on you?

Music, though widely varied, is something we all love. Check out Rolling Stone’s Top 40 Songs That Have Changed the World, then post some songs that you believe have changed the world.

Music is the universal language of mankind.”  ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Outre-Mer


Jason Hann and Michael Travis(percussionist and drummer from the band The String Cheese Incident) make up this 100% improvised live Breakbeat/ House/ Drum n Bass/ Trip Hop/ Dubstep project. Drawing from the ethos of some of the great DJ’s and computer artists of the world, they use cutting edge technology to create truly original and melodic dance music in the moment, with the undeniable power of live drums. The music is all created on the spot, recorded, then mixed and remixed LIVE to create an ever evolving musical experience. Since the project is 100% improvised, every night promises to be a unique dance experience. Hann and Travis play different roles in this band than in SCI. Jason plays the drum kit, percussion and sampler, while Travis is in charge of the tonal elements, playing bass, guitar, keyboards, as well as hand percussion and live mixing.

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