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Opening Doors and Realizing Dreams, By: Edward Crowe

Rosa, 20 sits staring out a window wondering how her dreams are finally becoming a reality. She remembers a time when she didn’t even know where her next meal would come from or how her family could pay their rent. “I was wondering exactly where my life was heading and I didn’t even know where to start making things better.” Rosa and her family were living in motel rooms barely making it on odd jobs that her father could find on weekends. Her parents were immigrants from Cuba and were trying to live a life free from oppression. One afternoon Rosa saw a flyer stating that free English courses would be available at the local library. She was quick to take a number and find exactly what it would take for her to learn English. “No one in my family spoke English and I knew you needed to know to find a good job.” This was the beginning in a series of events that would change her life.

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